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525 SX: FMF Titaniun Exhaust - Jetting?

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hey guys- i am new to this site and to 4-strokes. i just got a 03 525sx and i may get the FMF Titanium exhaust.

so... do i want the full system or just the mid pipe and silencer? (price is not a factor)

also.. will i need to rejet if i switch it all out and what if i use just the silencer?

any experience on this?

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I have a complete KTM hard parts Akrapovic SXS exhaust system for sale. Ti silencer, SS head pipe, Carbon fiber clamps and ti mounting hardware. Superior craftsmanship and will blow the doors off of FMF. Cost new $843.

This system barks it improves power across the powerband while it is still reasonably quiet. However, it is not a 95 db system.

Weight of complete System: including silencer mounting clamps, silencer, head and mid pipe, springs, and mounting hardware is 6.8lbs that is 5.4lbs lighter than the stock EXC system. :)

This system was used on my 02 520 EXC .

P/N SXS.02.540.501 SS header/manifold/mid-pipe

P/N SXS.02.540.502 Ti silencer, mounting hardware

Price negotiable

e-mail or Private Message me if interested


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