Shock Spring rubbing on Head-Pipe

Was doing some much needed maintenance this weekend and noticed that my shock spring has been rubbing on the head pipe right before it connects to the silencer. This is not the stock spring.(Eibach springs) Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. It isn't rubbing unless the shock is about midway through its stroke and there doesn't appear to be anything bent that I can see.

Mostly likely the collar that joins the mid-pipe to the headpipe is rotated to the point where the end of the bold is rubbing on the spring. Rotate it so that the end is nowhere near the spring. Mine is mounted so the bolt is on top and seems to provide plenty of clearance w/o having the bolt exposed to your boot/leg.

Be careful! My pipe was puncture due to this problem.

Check your subframe to make sure that it's not bent to the left..pulling the pipe closer to the spings.....

If your pipe is damaged, it's about $150 to replace

It happened on my '02 and my subframe was not even bent. I shimmed the silencer to make it sit farther away from the spring. Try putting washers in between the exhaust mount and subframe mount to pull the pipe towards the frame and away from your shock.

Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll try Antmans advice and shim it.

Antman gave you the good scoop on this one.

I had the same prob, and utilized the same fix. I tried prying the pipe over with some clever methods, but adding a thick washer between the silencer and subframe had much more effect. If you don't, you'll rub a hole in your pipe.

Rage on! :)


You suck! You should have SHARED this information BEFORE my pipe was punctured! :) (just kidding)

If I had known about this, my pipe would still be alive today.

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