Possible overheating

I have an 05 WR450 and I think it overheated today. What kind of damage will overheating do to this motor? A friend of mine was riding it today and he just called me and said that there was smoke coming out the bottom of the bike, and that the coolant resevoir under the rear fender was empty and was making a bubbling noise. I told him not to ride it anymore and let me come pick it up tomorrow.

What should I check for? Should I compression test it? I have only checked the compression on my car once and I had to crank the motor over and over with the fuel relay unplugged while holding the throttle wide open. Is this basically the same procedure as the WR? My electric starter is dead, so is there another way to do the compression test?

Thanks for the help

charge the battery or use another motorcycle battery... thats my solution for that problem

but down to business... yes. same procedure, WOT, let it crank several times

do you have a compression tester???

oh. and it sounds like you had a gasket go out and coolant leak into the motor or something like that... just running hot wont deplete coolant like that.

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