Prichett Canyon shut down in Moab?

Say it isn't so.

Is it true that Prichett Canyon/ Behind the Rocks is shut down to motorized traffic near Moab? A friend just got back from a Mountain Bike trip and said the road was shut down to motorized vehicles.

SAY IT ISN'T SO! ? ! ?

Bryan in Denver...

I was in Moab 3 weeks ago, Prichett Canyon was still opened. I ride Moab about 5 times a year! This is the first i heard of this. Im going to call by friend that lives in moab and see. If so, that would suck.

Man I hope not, I only got to ride Pritchett and Behind once, I would be pissed if they got close.

More importantly, if they did get closed - WHY?? If so, what will be next??


Dodger :):D

It might not be true then. I didn't get this information from a very reliable source. But I would like to know if it's true or not. I love going down Yellow Hill! And behind the rocks is fun riding too.


I'll be out there in 2 weekends...and I'll find out firsthand. This ride was on my agenda...

Sorry, not to dump on your friend but don't most mountain bikers think everything is shut down to everyone except them?

It sure seems that way here in Colorado. I've seen signs there letting everyone know that it's a multi-use area.

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