buying XRR, titling and plating in AZ...Must this be completed at time on initial pur

I don't want to pay the dealer holding me hostage for hundreds of dollars just to get an initial plate.

To get an XRR plated in Arizona, must this be accomplished while purchasing the bike at the dealership when new or can I save money and make the modification on my own the go to DMV and get the XRR plated?

Other than state sale tax, how much can I expect to pay for sales paper work for the XRR. I know, it is what I negotiate, but what is realistic the lowest price? Better yet what is the true cost to the dealer?

Would you get a Honda extended warranty on the XRR? Most riding will be on the street.



Its easy to get a plate in AZ. All i had to do to get my plate for my XR600 was pass emissions. There were no inspections. If I'm not mistaken, you only need a brakelight, headlight, horn, and a mirror to be legal here.

If bike is <2 yrs old, no emissions required. Bringing the bike from out of state, I had to have the vin inspected at the DMV. They do not check if you have your street legal gear on there. Its up to you to get it done before hitting the street.

No clue on cost to plate, since my bike is so old it was nearly free. (isn't registration in AZ based on value of bike?) I think tags and title was <35$.

I plated my XRR last year after I bought it. All I had to do was sign a waiver stating that I had the equipment to be legal and they handed me a plate. Coming from out of state you will probably have to get inspected and depending on the age...smogged. Not a big deal. Oh yeah....I can't remember if I needed to show proof of insurance....

N o need to show proof of insurance at DMV, insurance co sends proof to DMV and if you don't get insurance within a few days they pull the plate.

As of 2003- in a non emission county, (Havasu,Phoenix) all was needed was a VIN check, 65 bux and proof of AZ insurance in < 30 days..plate in hand and a smile on your mug.....:banghead:

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