Clutch Questions

Hey, this is my first post here on TT. I have been riding thumpers for about 6 years, only XRs, until yesterday when I bought a 99 yzf400. I love it so far, but I think the clutch is slipping. How hard is the install on it? I just ordered a new kit today to do the install myself. Do you really need the clutch tool? The vice grip looking things? I have put new clutches in cars, and I am very mechanical. I would appreciate any information, or good web sites that I could use to find information. Oh yeah, I already have done a few searches, but didnt find anything. Sorry if this has already been posted,


come on, 30 views and no post. someone help the new guy out.


Ok i will stop you suffering young padwan learner


Clutch tool is needed Yamaha or after market is good, local shop should have one.

Torque wrench

Breaker bar (Not to be confised as Biker Bar like some think)

A manual did you get a manual?

if not Clyners is good or buy the OEM from yamaha.

you can also look at this web site

look under Tech Articles and scrool down to "YZ426 Complete Shop manual"

I know you have a 400 but the info should be the same, some of the 400 owners should be able to clairfy Torque settings.

Hope it helps and welcom Young PadWan Learner

Hey, I have the OE manual, and it has helped. I went to the yamaha shop by my house this after noon when I was finished with class. They told me that they do the clutches all the time, and dont use that clutch holder tool. You think that it is necessary? I also ordered the moose clutch kit. It has the springs, and new fiber plates. I really appreciate you helping a new YZF guy out. thanks a lot,


Did they tell you that they have a compressor with impact wrenches ?

If not then thats why they dont use the spanner tool. I assume you do not have a compressor, Correct ?.

Since you do not have a compressor, you dont have an impact wrench Correct again?

Go buy the tool

I actually do have an impact wrench. I love air tools. I work a lot on cars. I have an acura integra type R that I race a lot. What is the correlation between the impact wrench, and that tool? Just wondering.


Ok I am trying to help here,

You have identified a few things

1: Your Mechanical

2: You have a manual

3: You have Air tools

4: you have a car

5: You love air tools

6: You need a clutch

7: You ordered parts

8: you asked questions

9: you continue to ask question

10: your asking more questions

11: I have the answers

Use your mechanical knowledge to read the manual, thus satisfying your love of air tools, and maintaining the quality of your bike with well spent money on a new clutch.

Outside of that the correlation of the impact tools and the spanner is this.

If you don't have one use the other :)

haha, well until I post another question, this thread is closed. I do appreciate all of your help


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