Edelbrock Qwiksilver Problems

I have the edelbrok qwik silver carb on my xr400 (big gun exhaust snorkel removed). I have never had it dialed in.

Does anyone have a good setup they have used?

I think that the float bowl is flooding - I spent yesterday adjusting the needle position and even changed the needle to the next size up.

Now from 0 to 1/3 throttle blue smoke is poring out.

It's like the gas is just poring in and won't shut off. I

Does anyone out there have a similar experience?


If Rob Barnum doesn't respond to this post, go to his website, it's on the thumpertalk homepage. He has in depth knowledge of the quicksilver and has helped with the development.(Barnums Pro Products)

Actually that's where i bought it. I'll try that.


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