Fine layer of dust inside airboot...

OK, now I'm frustrated. (new to TT, so this may have been addressed). I installed the complete PC Racing proseal kit and I'm still getting a fine layer of dust inside my carb boot (after riding in very dusty conditions). Seems to be coming from the right side. Anybody found a cause/fix for this????

I get the same, have resealed the airboot and around outside of pc plate. Tried different filters and nothing seems to cure the dusting. Always in super dusty conditions I am always certain to find a powder like residue on the right side of the airboot.

Even though I contiue to piss people off here I will continue to say....... I have a stock air filter and a stock air box. When I install the filter I use a <b>LIBERAL</B> amount of grease around the sealing surface of the air filter and I have never even found so much as a single SPECK OF DUST in my air boot. I have been accused of not riding in "dusty conditions" and everything else, but Im telling you I have been riding my bike all summer long in all kinds of conditions not a speck of dust, dirt, rocks, gravel, talcum powder, flour, nothing. Just use a thick bead of grease and it will seal perfectly. :)

I dont have much of anything get in my boot either! I do see a speck or two in there sometimes, but that could be due to removing that tight fitting filter from the box. I hate using grease on the rim, so I just saturate the filter rim with excess filter OIL and dont have a problem yet!


I am with you feetup&sliding. I sealed all joins in the airbox with silicone and cover the filter rim in thickish layer of grease and don't have problems. I am not calling anyone a lair here as i see guys with dust in them all the time. I think its one of them X File things.

A place i have seen them let in dirt is the slot (hole) where the filter cage bolt goes through, i also put some grease around that.

OK to all those hollier than thou guys: Hey this is one of those mystery of the universe things. Why do some guys have trouble with valves and others don't? Before you guys pass judgement on our problems with "I grease the sh** out of mine" or "oil the lip more", if you don't think I have tried all of that and more you are mistaken. I have pretty much lead myself to believe that this bike sucks dirt somehow someway. If you so called experts want to swap airboxes and carb boots, we could see if your fixes actually work. The guy asked if anyone else had the same problem and knew of any fixes, not if you guys could pass judgement on our filter cleaning abilities.

Hey E-WA Go and get a life :)

No one here has "passed judgment" as you put it AND none of us claimed to be experts. This forum is about sharing experiences more than anything.

The guy asked if anyone else had the same problem and we shared our experience PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

For the record and i repeat. I have seen some leak and others not. I DID NOT SAY THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO CLEAN FILTERS.

I even offered some constructive advise of what i have seen to be a problem.

A place i have seen them let in dirt is the slot (hole) where the filter cage bolt goes through, i also put some grease around that.

NOW, i think you should go back to bed and THIS TIME get out on the right side.

I read somewhere that Honda changed the air filter on the 03 because of sealing probs with the 02 (many complaints). I've seen and installed filters on both 02's and 03's and the 03's filter seems to make a tighter fit. Although my comments may not offer any solutions to your problem, perhaps its clears up why your getting dust in there.

I took the boot/air box apart, resealed with RTV silicone, use the PC racing gasket that goes on the inside of the airbox to seal the filter, and have never had any leak. I check it with a flashlight everytime I change the filter (which is every ride). I don't trust the PC kit that has that thin little gasket replace good old silicone to seal between the boot and air box.

To add a bit more info here. I trimmed the filter cage where it butts up against the housing (the U shape part around the bolt hole) so it would pull the filter up tighter to the sealing surface. I really hate the design of the box that has plastic nipples protruding in against the filter mating surface. I dont feel the PC kit does enough to warrant purchasing it, but I do like the way the MX-BONZ kit eliminates the protruding nipples, sandwiches the boot and air box between two heavy -duty aluminum rings, AND gives you a nice flat mating surface for the filter to seal against!

Hope the info helps someone!

I will be buying the MX-BONZ kit for piece of mind in the future.


Another one i forgot to mention, which probably dosn't do much but we all do it here, is put a piece of course foam in the bottom of the air box to slow down the big hole in the bottom. I used the same foam i got with my works connection skid plate. Just cut a little square and slot it in there

I had the same problem. The MX-BONZ kit works well. You end up with a smooth seating surface for the filter. Still, make sure you use plenty of grease on the filter lip.

Just had this problem after running in a very dusty area.

I use liberal grease on my stock filter. When I took top off the carb to adjust the needle, I found a lot of dust coating inside of cover. There was also dust around the top of the slide. One area was very shiny with no dust. It was about where the hot start port is. I found what had happened was the PVC line that goes from the INSIDE of the filter to the rockerarm cover had fallen off. Dirt was being sucked through the open hole directly into the engine. There was also dust inside the intake boot. How the dumb thing got off is beyond me, but I will watch it from now on.

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