05/06 wr shock

I looked in the classifieds but there's nothing there, anyone know where I might be able to find one? I don't really need the spring, just the shock body, but I'll take it if it's there. Also, it has to be from an 05/06, and it must be from a wr 450 and in good working condition:banghead: PM me


Working on it...nothing on eBay. Trying Craigslist...Stand By One...SC

P.S. - Why you dumping the Edelbrock? I thought they were supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

thanx steve,

i need to try that shock because the balance of my bike is slightly upset to the stinkbug position...probly because the 06 wr frame i put all my yz stuff on uses a 3 mm shorter shock and shortens the mount by that amount also;hence when using the yz shock it lifts the rear that 3mm...i thought that would work in my favor by putting more weight on the front(much like the storm link does) and it does but a side effect is it bunny hops over small jumps at speed(not particularly favourable) i think that and the 22mm offset clamps are just too much. so back to the drawing board:crazy:

the edelbrock was/is a awesome carb and its bottom end perfromance is unequaled....but its built like a taiwanese toy;i believe it was designed for the street and its sloppy tolerances let so much dirt in that it wore quickly and started to come undone. i sent my fcr to zipty for the full massage including the powerbowl and i gotta say i'm quite impressed;it surpasses the ebrock everywhere but off the bottom.

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