Lost Oil drain bolt-Harder to kick over

I mounted up my studds and went out for a ride in the snow today and when i went ouside to put my bike away, noticed a small oil puddle of oil under my bike. Looked further and found that the oil drain bolt was missing.:busted: I put a new bolt in and filled it up with oil and tried to kick it over. It has a rough spot and is a real bugger to start up. Once it fires up, it seems ok. But, it is definitely hardrer to start. Anyone else pull this not too smart move. What is likely to be my problem. Would i have wrecked the piston and rings, or much worse. Where should i start. any useful advise would be greatly appreciated. I just finished checking my valve shims the other day, and probably never tightened up the drain bolt.:banghead:


Bugger alright,

The camshafts run in bearings on the cam chain side , but metal to metal on the right side if you run out of oil. I'd drop out the cams and look for any seizure there first.

Then the big end bearings don't like not having any oil either.

Good luck. I don't think nothing has happened.Check the cams before trying to start it again

Sorry to hear about your dilema:confused: I would pay very close attention to your bottom end for any strange noises....such as your crank.:banghead:

I ended up pulling the motor and have pulled it apart to the point where specialty tools are needed. The local Yamaha dealer will pull the stator rotor and primary driven gear, then i can continue my fun. It ends up that the loss of oil wasn't causing my issue at all. When i was puting my cams back in after installing a valve shim, the clip that rides under the top cam retainer on the intake side obviously wasn't in the proper position and fell into the engine oil sump and found its way into the ?????? haven't figured out what's buggered yet. soon to find out.



Sorry to hear about that. Keep your hopes up for as little as damage as possible.

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