VOR (Magura) clutch bleeding info?

Could you all provide some suggestions on how to bleed the Magura clutch system on my VOR 530? I've been messing with this for quite some time with no luck.

I'm familiar with bleeding brakes, I'm doing the same for the clutch with no luck. I've even tried laying the bike on the left side, remove the MCyl from the bar so that it's level and lower than the slave Cyl. Still no luck, even tried the vacuum brake bleeder, no good.

Here's the symptoms: Initially, after a lowside, it would work fine when cool, but be a problem when the bike was warm. I tried bleeding it for good measure, Now what happens is that as I let the pressure out of the slave cyl, then close the bleeder screw and then release the clutch lever, I have no pressure at all. If I wait a minute, then the pressure comes back. Seems like an air bubble, I guess. I've run around 8 oz of fluid through and it's not any better.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


try leaving it with the m/c at the top overnight and then push the piston back in and let the fluid re enter the reservior. the air may have made it's way to the inlet and the reverse push will see the air back into the m/c chamber.

also make sure the little hole is clear in the m/c of silt. you can normally see the piston through the hole moving too and fro.



I've also heard of problems with old fluid, the clutch works for a short time then wont work, when new fluid is used everything comes back.

Check out Magura they have .pdf files for the procedure. The deal is you have to push the fluid from the bottom with a syringe.

The other thing is that the M/C could need a new piston and give a hard lever after you bleed it then suck air after a few applications, leaving you thinking it is your clutch that is bad. :)

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