Revlok or EFM

I'm trying to decide which autoclutch to buy. I would like to here what you guys think. Has anyone tried both of them? I talked to Gary at EFM he was very helpfull. He told me his unit has a more gradual attachment while the revlok grabs quicker. He also told my that his baskets are now going to be hard anodized like the hinson for better wear. I was impressed by the time he took with me and also that when I asked him about revlok, his compitition, he had nothing bad to say about them and even complemented them on their machine, fit and finish. How are the revlok guys? is anyone unhappy with the change to auto I've heard only good things.

Dont waste your money on an auto clutch. Real men go manual. Whats next, antilock brakes? Computer controlled throttle? Hey, lets remove the rider and run the bike by remote control. Much safer that way. Why bother with the bike at all, lets do it in virtual reality! Oops, we have that, its called a video game.

I cant tell you how much you dont need this clutch, especially if you race senior class in CO. Trust me, dont do it. Would I lie to you? Oh yeah, the checks in the mail and the bike was only used on sundays by my grandmother.

But seriously, I bought the EFM unit. Its a little grabby when using the lever but works great without it. You can stall it if you whack the throttle open, the old cough and die 4S thing. Its only happened to me once. Not really the clutches fault. You can turn up the idle to help this. It creeps a little in gear, but EFM gives you spring washers to adjust this.

The installation/instructions weren't quite ready for prime time, grinding bolts and all that. Sunruh gave me good tips that helped alot.

As far as the diff, I haven't tried the revloc. Price difference was too great. One thing about the EFM, it has a big nasty spacer for the clutch cover that I think Revloc does not have.

Whats next, antilock brakes?

Personally I would love anti-lock on my front brake.

Whats next, antilock brakes?

While we are dreaming put me down on the list for auto inflate/deflate like on the hummers. Of course this would be for the WRFs.

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