Off Subject Return of teaching of Islam

First let me say this

If you don't want to hear it then stop reading and back out.

For those that have asked and shown interest here is what I have found and discovered.

1: This is a Nation wide effort

2: Many states are getting it thrown out because of Irate and upset parents

3: Its about Money

4: California is throwing a deaf ear to the courts and Parents

I have been in contact with many organizations but this one has been spear heading the California efforts to get it the "Simulated Islam" teaching taken from the Curriculum.

Anyway here is a link if any is interested

American Center for Law and Justice

Damn bleeding heart liberal California, what do you expect.

As I have said before, this is a big warm stinky crock of doo-doo and it needs to be stopped.

If it was my kid I would pull him out of that part of the curriculum. If they gave me crap I'd tell them to go tell it Allah or Mohammed.

Then I'd bring up an age old thing called "seperation between church and state".

Grey Davis needs to get his head examined along with all the other liberal whimps out in California. i.e. Barbabara Boxer. :)

This is one of the main reasons my wife and I won't live and/or raise our family in Kalifornia!


I am glad to hear that you are working with the A.C.L.J. on this matter. They seem to fight hard for our rights as Christian Parents with kids in public schools.

Let me know if you need anything from So Cal...


just get involved, I think this goes beyond beliefs, I believe that the California School authority overstepped its intended goal. It has gotten out of reading writing and arithmetic and is now preaching religion.

Its called socialist indoctrination.

I believe it was Stalin who said give me one generation of a countries Youth and I will take that Nation...

History has its good points

I have one question. Should we teach evolution or creation?

I do not believe either. The only reason evolution has been introduced in school is the darwin theory. It is the alter of atheism so I do not believe either should be taught. Thats just my opinion, I also believ that if evolution is taught then creationism must be taught like wise. One has to balance the other in fairness.

I think it takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in a living GOD

I respect that.

why does someone always have to bring up religion , as far as teaching evolution in school goes , i see more scientific evidence of evolution than i have ever seen of any living or past god .if you want to teach your kid about religion pick a day like maybe sunday . isn't it funny that so called religion appears to be at the root of all evil in this world ? :)

Nobody Bite please keep the post fore information thats it

Mole Please check you PM's

how about we teach religion as an idea and not as fact because that is all it really is. infact if it was up to me there would be no teaching of religion in public schools. but i am willing to give a little. you want your kids to learn about "god" in school, send them to bible thumper private school. CAn't afford it, then teach them about it at the dinner table and sunday school( sunday is spend better riding).


anybody see 60 MIn last weekend. holy crapo that is the spookiest group of people i have ever seen. the thing about the arabs and the jews going to war where 2/3 of the jews are killed and the rest convert to christanity and then it will be the second comming of christ. wow. next to the port lay off that is the second most retarded group of people i have seen.


If you want to get a feeling first hand how bad religion can be, come live in Israel for a while :)

OK, I have to post now, can't hold back any longer...

No, they should not be teaching this crap in school, as well as any other religion. Evolution should be taught in school, if we want our kids to understand science. There is a balance of understanding evolution and still having your beliefs. Everyone has to have balance in their lives, although there is typically a clear division between scientists and highly religous people. Is either more right?

one of my good friends is dating a girl who is studying here from Israel. she has told me all about. i have the highest amont of respect for her and her country after spening 1 day with her. very sad what you have had to go through. and she is really really really hot.


Just a thought, lets say there is no God. If not, why should we worry about death, health, our children or if we should do the right thing.Why should we care about others or not just live for ourselves.If there is no God there is no hope. Do you know what hope is?Hope is wanting more than the mere 70 years we all might live(and a mite is on a chickens butt). Hope is living in the belief that you will see your love ones in another life(heaven).Hope is knowing that 70 years is not enough time to love as much as you should(kids,wife ,friends,people).Hope is believing that there was a man named Jesus that died on the cross for our sins and that if we ask him to come into our hearts and we believe He will forgive us of our sins and we will be saved.Some of you will ask why should I.I ask why did He.He is the only man that was without sin and He did it because it was his Father's will(God).You don't go to hell because you sin. You go to hell because you didn't ask Jesus into your life.I'll most likely sin before I'm through writing this.But I believe I'll go to heaven because I've asked.The christian life is not about who is wrong or who is right its about love.Is there something about evolution, yes. But evolution does not save.And I for one want more time with all.Jesus is the only way I know and the only one I will serve.What is love:example:Do you remember the lady who put her kids in the back seat of her car, then drove it into the lake.There was no way for the children to get out.They both where doomed to die.Yes if you love kids this breaks your heart. But when they pulled the car from the lake, the little one had both hands holding own to her sister.They had to pull them apart.This is love(the children),she held to her sister until the end.Yes, both the girls are in heaven,no pain,no worries just pure perfection of what life will be like. I asked you my friends without judging you. Where will you go after you die?Yes, there is hope and I believe in Christ.

I applaud EGO for standing up for what is right, and for what is going on in our childrens lives. More parents SHOULD be like him. This is not a religious thing folks.... It's great that EGO and his family have their beliefs, but he is trying to stop a VERY WRONG action from taking place. he is trying to keep his childrens education seperate from an extremely distorted version of islamic teachings. our schools should remain secular, and focus on factual teachings.... It should be the FAMILY that instills and teaches thier choice of religious values, and beliefs. Kids need to learn REAL history, Math, reading, writing, science while at school.

Heck, Just today I called to order a Pizza..

Pizza kid "Mr. Bailey, that will be $16.99. Would you like to add a tipp to your credit card?"

Me... " Sure, add a 20% tip" Pizza kid.. "ummm.. ok.. so like a buck?"

Me... "Rrrrrrrrrriiiiiigggggghhhhhtttttttt" I hung up shaking my head.

Future Enron accountant there my friends.......

The accountants at ernron where very smart, they just got caught. sinec accounting is my minor i have looked into the things they did and they are all very smart yet very greedy.


Ok fine.. hehe.. he'll retire a Domino's delivery driver... ( 'ya want wings with that?) lol

Many comments to be made here.

One we need more people like EGO willing to take a stance.

Some of you need to take an actual read of the constitution to see what it does say. Seperation of Church and State, actually it's against state sponsor of a religion, it does not say you cannot teach religion which is a part of our History along with most countries, tribes and peoples no matter what type of belief it is.

Evolution is one mans theory unproven at best, there has been no genetic link every found between man and monkeys, sorry to dissappoint.

I agree we need to get back to the basics of teaching, reading writing arithmetic biology history etc., I agree teaching of your specific religion(or none) should be taught at home by the parents along with things like morals, sex education, planned parenthood should not be part of the school system. Vouchers should be the norm on school choice, I have yet to see where in the constitution it says only state and federal run facilites should get my tax money, if it was up to me I wouldn't be paying for your kids education anyway but the government gives me no choice.

"""religion is the root of all evil""". Give me a break, more wars are started over economics(oil, gold etc.) then for any other reason. Religions have caused there share of problems also but everything we know today is based off of religion, morals, ethics, laws etc.. No I'm not anti government or promoting a religion, I'm just against goverment getting involved in too much of our private lives, family resposibilities etc.

Now lets get back to bikes, so how good is that new 450 :) ...........TW

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