how do i know

if my yz426 has an aftermarket exhaust cam?? i just recently bought this bike.

i have no problem starting my bike(which no longer has the decomp. cable)

it has the plug in the head for the decompression cable. but idk if it has auto decomp because havnt felt the difference between decompression and compression..

i've also never had the kick back that you guys talk about sometimes.. i guess im just a natural badass at strarting the beast (no B-W mod, no BK mod, no after market accelerater pump cover)

for all i know, my bike could have the auto decomp cam, and possibly an intake cam..

You have an auto-decomp exhaust cam in there or you wouldn't be kicking it over unless you are a gorilla. Whether it is an aftermarket Hotcam or an OEM 450 cam...who knows.

I put my money on you being a natural badass

You couldn't kick it over if it still had the stock cam in it without the decomp lever.

Odds are, you have auto decompression. If you want to know for certain, pull the cam cover and look at the exhaust cam sprocket. If there is a flyweight and spring on the end of the cam, it's AD.

Has it occurred to you to ask the last owner?

ya, but the last owner doesnt know jack about the bike, he bought it from somebody that i have no way of getting ahold of.. thanks for clarifying that though guys.. i still think im a natural badass even if it does have AD.. lol

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