looking for a drawing for YZ timing

Awhile back I remember seeing an exellent drawing showing YZ timing but now I can't find it.I've tried the tech section and the search but no luck yet.Can anyone tell me how to find it?

I don't have it here at work but I can e-mail it to ya later tonight. Basically if If I remember right, the "e" points should be lined up with the bottom of the valve cover and your piston @ TDC. Then just make sure you count 12 pins between each cam for YZ and 13 for WR timing respectively. Hope this helps.

Ok dude, all I could find was an old may 00 Dirtbike article on how to change a WR to YZ timing.

It states,

Step 1: Remove the top valve cover and exhaust cam tower.

Step 2: Put the engine at TDC (I mark on the magneto) and chack tp see that the marks on both cam chain and sprokets are pointing up.

Step 3: Remove cam chain tensioner.

Step 4: There should be 13 chain pins between the two cams,counting from the top mark on one sproket to the mark on the other. When you are finished there should be only 12 cahin pins.

Step 5: Lift the exaust cam up and rotate the cam clockwise one tooth.

Step 6: Count the links again. The magic number is 12.

Step 7: put it all back together-your shop manual is a great help-and go riding.

draw all the dots and letters before you modify. nothing ever lines up likr the manuals. by the time you've moved the camchain around you won't remember whether that 'E' should be a bit above the cylinder head or below.


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