No riding in the San Bernardino Mtns for a while

In case you missed this like I did:

On Friday, October 4, 2002, pursuant to Forest Order No. 02-7, the San Bernardino National Forest has been CLOSED TO PUBLIC ENTRY due to the extreme fire danger.

Rich, I've heard that Gorman/Hungry Valley was also closed due to fire hazard.

Rich, I've heard that Gorman/Hungry Valley was also closed due to fire hazard.

I called Gorman yesterday. they said they are not planning any closures. Just no open fires or non-gas barbeque's. Other then that, all trails open!


Maybe this is off topic, im from Orange County and I hate the riding conditions in California and all the restrictions from the goverment with the sound law starting Jan 1st. Dont get me wrong i love living in California just except for riding. I dont like the dry conditions and not that many places to ride. Ive seen lots of pics on TT with beautiful green country backrounds with endless miles of riding. When i finish school i wanna buy a second house where i can ride and not get harrassed by the cops and not have a huge dust cloud behind me.

I heard a slightly difeerent response from them. While the park is open, the Forest is closed. Which still leaves a lot of terrain open, just no my favorite trail.

And as far as all that green terrain, you get it for a price! It's so green because it snows all winter, is hot and muggy in the summer, and the land was never developed because the mosquitos are bigger that crows! Thanks, but I'll stay here in Cali where the ocean is 10 minutes, the desert 2 hours and the same for the mountains. Well, that is assuming the traffic is moving...

Hodaphile: Moved from cali almost 10 years ago and I have never had the desire to move back. Nice place to visit once a year or so but I will never live there again. The $ I save on insurance, sales tax, and fuel are enough to buy me a new bike every year! Not to mention the smog, traffic, water restrictions / cost are enough to drive most everyone away.... well almost everyone... I guess you still get fresh meat crossing the over the border :)

I live on the Oregon coast. Yes we get our share of rain but it almost never gets cold enough to snow. Rarely do we see mosquitos.

I have the ocean less than 3 minutes away. Over 1,000 miles of single track that they are always adding new trails to (unlike california...our green stickers actually go to trails and equipment to maintain them). We have the desert only 2 hours away, snow sking about two hours.

Let's just say you can stay in Cali if you want but there are many, many better choices to live and raise a family if you happen to have children.

Best of luck.

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