Fork Revalve

Any of you considering Chuck Waggoners revalve kit...the results were amazing on my 02 400exc...I have to admit i was a little apprehensive about trying the revalve, not thinking the results would be noticable enough...i am happy to say the results are very noticable and well worth the 40.00. The shoe size rocks disappear and the woops are swallowed up. All the posts regarding this kit are right on...thanks chuck and thanks to all who posted the info on the kit!!

How true! Man Its the best thing you can do to the forks . I put them in my 02 520 and I have a kit ready to install in my525 as soon as the suspension is broken in ,Hooray For the Mighty chuck wagon kit!!

Does the kit change the midvalve or just the basevalve ?

Did you put the kit in yourself or did you have someone else do it for you? If you did fo it yourself how hard was it? How long did it take and do you need special tools? Did he send you instructions with the kit? I have never worked on forks before and don't want to screw something up in there. :) Thank you.

I just put the 02-03 kit in my 02 48's and what a difference..Garyb its the compression basevalve that you end up changing..(shim pattern)..Chucks a great guy to talk to and it's well worth the money if you feel comfortable doing it yourself.. :)

Fen, Did you install the kit yourself?

I agree about the Waggoner kit. See this thread for more information on how to get a hold of Chuck.

Hudman, yes, you install it yourself. The kit is VERY detailed in it's step-by-step installation instructions and pictures. I'm by no means a suspension expert but I was able to handle this with no problem. Kind of cool to do it yourself, actually.

I installed the kit myself and it is the best $40 I have spent on my 450. The tools I used that might not be in everyones box are: metric (digital prefered) calipers, 22mm very thin wrench (buy one or grind down), inch # torque wrench, ft# torque wrench, tool for setting fork oil level. Job is easy and he sends excellent instructions.

Yea Hudman,I did the work myself..If you normally change your own fork oil totally,I mean removing the dampening rod ,its a piece of cake..Great step by step instructions..If you have any trouble or need assistance let me know..If you did not feel comfortable doing it,or anyone close to you,I would install your kit for free and just charge you for the oil..Of course you would have to send me your forks,But we're kind of neighbors!!Let me know

:) <font color="orange">

To those who have installed the kit-

So what fork oil did you use when you put the forks back together? Also how much do you weigh? 5wt. 10wt.? I still want plush forks just get rid of the jarring that you can get and since I don't MX, I ride woods and fire roads, I want it to work right. For some reason suspension scares me. I'm scared to even touch the tings :) I'll give it a try though.


I'm going to be in Portland at the end of the month we should plan a ride? I'll bring my bike down in my truck and we'll let em rip :). How's the riding down there. The last time I flew out of portland it looked great to the east of you? Also I heard that there were dunes to the west of Portland? Is that true. I'd love to get a paddle tire on my bike and let her rip... Anyway thanks for the offer on the forks but I think that I can handle it myself. We'll be on touch...


sorry for the delay in getting back to you hudman, as with others i did the job myself...not as difficult as one might think...i called chuck with a question on tighting the valve back in and he had the perfect solution. the instuctions are very clear and as far as tools the only thing you should have is a thin 22 mm wrench , i use the one that came with a dewalt woodworking router...fits perfect and makes the job easier. i did my forks without a inch-pounds torque wrench and no problems...just make notes as you go and enjoy, like jeb said, it is actually fun, you get to know your bike that much better.

measure oil level (5w belray) from top of outer tube when fully bottomed without spring. hope this helps!

a 24 mm wrench is needed as well...i mentioned the 22mm because a normal 22mm is too thick to fit on the inner "nut" will know what i mean when you start the project.

sorry for the confusion...

Thanks for the help. I'm going to give it a whirl. We'll see how it goes. I hope it's worth thw fourty bucks :) I think from the sounds of it that it will be. I'll let you know.

It's worth it, trust us. I also use Belray 5wt. Make sure you have the right springs in there, too. The best valving in the world won't do you any good if you have the wrong springs.

BTW, whatever you spend on tools, if you need to at all, is easily saved over shipping the forks out to be done by someone else. I bought a mid-grade 22mm wrench and ground it down so tools cost me $12 for this project. I rarely even consider the price of a tool into the job because a) I love an excuse to buy a new tool :D and :) I'll most likely use it again for something so it's not just one project that you split the cost over.

Do get an inch pound torque wrench, though. I got a 3/8" clicker style at Sears and have been happy with it.

Thank you Jeb.... I'll let you know

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