"S" Windshild/screen

I've seen some bike pictures where they had added a whindshild to a duel sport bike. not sure what kind?

Anyway, anyone have any information on doing this. Would be nice for those days when I'm riding allot on the highway!! or am I just weird....haha

Thanks :)


Go to http://www.denniskirk.com and in the ATV section I believe they have full universal fairings. They don't look too bad, as they even cover the hands as well as the front part. I think they go for about 60-100 bucks, depending on the model, but I can't really remember. Maybe an idea for real wet conditions too! :)

Good luck. :D

pretty sure it was roadwarrior who modified his own sheild for the DRZ.

Do a search, he has some good pics of his last 3000 mile ride.


all the guys at the bike shop will laugh at you.

IMHO it is a really bad idea

I stopped worrying about people laughing at me 20 years ago... :)

I think the one roadwarrior made was removable with 3 wing nuts,

os if your worried about the laughter you can always take it off.

I think its a bad idea for dirt riding, but for a long trip up the coastal

highway why not have some added wind protection...?

Well, if you want to put a "Bat Shield" on your bike then you might want to check out this guy from Canada: http://pages.infinit.net/air/drz400.html

It takes a little time to load (I'm only running at 50k bpm), but you will find a photo of a little wind shield.

thanks everyone for the good information!

Thanks Den for finding the link.....Smile.....

NOt sure I'm up to building my own, might have to find one that's already made...or maybe someone has some plans?......haha

I would like to have one that can be taken off easy would be great for those days when I ride to work!! :D



this one would be kewl if I could get it to work..lmao



the tinted one looks cool, I would rather dill 3 holes like roadwarrior did then take up more space attaching the thing to my bars. The one that is the

closest match to our front number plate would look the best. Roadwarrior

said his comes off with 3 wingnuts, so you would have to drill 3 holes in

boht the new sheild and your number plate.

This is on my list of things to do also...

Kawi has a optional screen for the KLX650 that might work, although

its probably overpriced. It is pre drilled and uses the same bolts as

the stock KLR screen.

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