03 CRF450 top end speed

I'm posting this for my brother, who is building a flattracker. He's under the assumption that a stock 03 CRF450 will do in excess of 80 mph, or around that speed. Does anyone know the factory top end speed of CRF450.

His second option is setting up a 02 426. I know they'll do about 75-80 top speed because I have one. He's trying to decide how he can save money on set up, etc. on the two different bikes. Needless to say, he's (me too) clueless, so any help would be greatly appreciated. JED

My STOCK 02 CRF did 78.6 MPH on the GPS with stock gearing. If the 03 is geared the same and the internal ratios are the same, your results should be similar.

BTW, that was at 4500 feet, with a mild tuck and no desire to ping the rev limiter, and a run of about a flying half mile.

Thanks....I guess he was about right.

Where is he going to get to that speed?I'm guessing a mile?Any questions let me know.I love my flattracker 450(crf)

My buddy has a new 03 Honda 450F and we went riding in the desert this past weekend. He has a Trail Tech computer with speedometer on it and we raced down this fire road for about 3 miles..I have a new 03 CR250 and wanted to see how it would do against the 450f..Top speed on the 450f was 84.7mph! My CR topped out at 81.2mph! That is FAST for a 2 stroke!! And mine is Stock! Yes we did it several times and those were the fastest speeds, but the other two were within 1 mph, The CR is faster from start to top speed with the 450 only catching up when the CR topped out! FUN FUN FUN!. The desert is great for FAST play riding! Hope this answers your questions. :) <font color="black">

The crankcase oil capacity is .62 qt....drain out all your oil, fill up a bottle with .62 of a quart of oil and start pouring it in. See how much oil is left in the bottle when it starts flowing out of the oil check hole. Theoretically there shouldn't be any.....I bet there will be some left in there.



Thanks for all the post. He was right. I had to eat my words. I told him my 426 would smoke him around a flat track...he he he. The CRF450 sounds like what he needs. Someone asked about why he needs the speed: he doesn't. He plans to race 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, and I think he said 1/2 mile. He also just bought a flat track and motocross track and is opening for business in Feb. Hopefully, he'll be too busy running the track and I can break-out the old leathers and race his new 450. The plus 40 class, of course. Thanks again...JED

Do not try this at home. If you are under 18 years of age, please go to another thread.

With GPS and 14/45 gearing, the 03 CRF will triple digit. No, the rev limiter was not hit. Yes, the 15 requires work to put on. Yes, your chain will more than likely be too long. Yes, you lose first gear. No, you will NOT be looking for fifth once you're there. No, I do not race MX. And finally, Yes, this gearing is used for 2 of our 12 races here in the Southwest Desert.

Again, do not try this at home. Unless your rear tire is all the way back, your forks flush and your damper in top condition don't do this. I've seen a few others do this without damper, or flush forks, and/or rear wheel pushed all the way back and the tank slappers almost take them out.

Hope this helps,


HUH??? 80+ with stock gearing? Wow, who woulda thunk it? My friend and I were racing on some fireroads this weekend and both of us were begging for another gear! I was thinking it must have been 60 tops. In fact, we are headed to the dez this weekend, and I was going to go up one on the countershaft. I'll have to reconsider, 'cause I'm not too sure I need to be going any faster than 80mph - I'm dangerous to myself just sitting on the stand! :)

Note, that My CR250 '03 also has a STOCK Pipe/Silencer on it. I have tried FMF, Pro Circuit pipes and while they have more low end they loose over 4-5mph on top end. My '01 lost 4mph with the FMF SST pipe and silencer. I don't know how fast your Yamaha is on top end but the newer Yamaha's that ride with us do not have as much top end speed as mine does unless they have regeared it. We have one guy with a 1997

YZ that has regeared his and has more top end speed than Jeff's 2003 YZ 250, and is about 3-4 mph slower than my CR.

We also checked the Trail Tech Computer to be sure it was

calibrated properly and did another test with a Truck running alongside on the same road and it was spot on.

You know you are moving when your helmet starts to LIFT!hehe :)

I have a hard time believing any stock cr will go above 70 mph. I have had many newer crs and do alot of enduro's with a computer. My top speed ever was 64 mph topped out on a long dirt road with stock 14/50 gearing. This was on a 2000, and I have ridden a 2003 which is no more powerful.

The crf doing 80 or 85 sounds about right with stock gearing but no 250 2 stroke I have ever ridden would go more than 70.

Sorry dude but that is what it does..and we verified it.

My 96 CR250 topped out at 76mph with 13/49 gearing.

I would also certainly doubt any 2-stroke 250 is doing over 80mph w/ stock gearing. I've been racing and riding for many years, and I would go w/ the guy w/ the GPS over a TrailTech computer anyday.

I don't believe my CRF breaks 80. 70s, yes, but not 80.

Best wishes to all.


I was going to the dualsport forum to ask this, but I figured while it was brought up.

Which do you think is more accurate, the Trail Tech speedo, or a GPS?

Don't know about Trail Tech speedo, or a GPS.

But as speed goes....here it is:

*2002 crf450 14/50 gearing......82 mph(BBR silencer)

*2003 crf450 13/50 " ......80 " (stock)

*1990 cr250 14/50 " ......79 " (after market pipes,reed valve, standard bore)

I did these with my 2002 Expendtion going down a 5 mile road right next to it. Those crf 's are some fast bikes!!! :)


On Tuesday, my brother (03 CRF-stock), a friend (02 CRF-stock), and me (03 CRF-stock), were riding on the salt flats here in Utah, and I was thinking to myself, man it sure would be nice to have another gear... I knew we were flying, but I had no idea :D !!

The crazy part is that our buddy on his 02 was doing wheelies while passing us in 5th. :) Damn he is nuts.

All I can say is, if you ever get a chance to ride the salt flats (doesn't matter where either, but Delle is cool, since there is an abandond track that was pretty fun to ride too), do it. You can haul booty, and it feels like 55 - 60 tops.

I know we had to be closer to 80, since we have been out there before with my brother on a Raptor 660 4-wheeler, and would blow by him like he was standing still, and I believe they do around 60.

I will have to ask one of my friends that is a police officer if he will clock me on his radar. That should be pretty accurate. I will post the data if he does it for me.

Oh and by the way, don't ride behind your buddy at 80, cause the roost really hurts. :D :D :D

Great post by the way...

Ok, I'm a beleiver now!

This past weekend a bunch of friends and I went out to Ocotillo Wells. One of my friends has a '97 CR500, two others have CR250s, and another friend and myself have '03 CRF450s. We all found a long road, and already cruising along in 5th gear at the same speed, opened them up. I figured the CR500 would blow us all away, but he jumped out a little ahead at first and then the 450s quickly caught up. We were wide friggin open and the 500 and 450s all stayed about the same speed - ludicrous speed!!! Meanwhile, the friends on the 250s chawed our dust. :)

So, my friend on the 500 couldn't beleive he didn't blow our doors off, so he decided we needed to test them in the sand. We rode over to Blow Sands, which is a long soft sand hill, and raced to the top. The 500 jumped up on top of the sand right away, whereas the 450s wanted to find traction in the first couple gears. He got about a 15' leap on us, but once we got up to speed, we didn't loose any distance or gain any - dead even!!!

Anyways, bottom line is the 450 hauls much ass! Like Woody was saying, it easily pulls the front end right off the ground, even in 5th gear and will just hold it. I was going to put a larger counter tooth sprocket on, but the stock gearing was enough to leave a load in my riding pants. I think I will go return that sprocket and maybe use the money towards something practical like a steering stabilizer or something. :D

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