Coincidence? I don't think so!

So after all these posts about squeaky, grabby clutches, and cases with low oil levels, etc., is it safe to assume that the 450 has a clutch problem? Regardless of what dealers and some mechanics say about there being no bulletins or notices sent from Yamaha, I heard this personally and forewarned you all. Yes, I am sure some bikes may not be affected, but watch and listen to your clutches carefully and note any problems. If the problems get worse, or more bikes get affected, email or write enmass to Yamaha so this problem will be rectified!

Perhaps that is just the way the clutches are now. Until something breaks we won't know. In the event something does break it would be nice to have it documented that you contacted your dealer prior to your warrenty expiring. :)

We all know what a "good" working clutch feels like, no grabbyness, no lunging into the starting gate, happened to me once and I put in a Hinson Basket and that cured the problem. My friends 03' does the exact thing, I would personally be very disappointed if my new bike did that, since its not a "new" problem to Yamaha thumpers. Dont get me wrong guys I'm not flaming Yamaha, I love my bike, even with the clutch problems. Its just very suprising to me to hear about all the new ones having a three year old problem.

Yea we all know the support Yamaha gives us with thier factory defects. Just cracked my second gas tank today exact same place. :)

ok, Im with you on the tank thing, I went through two OEM's before I bought a Clarke.

I'm ordering a Clarke this week if I can't find one on TT. BTW they do make one stock size don't they? How did you find the color match and fit? hanks.

The color was a good match, fit was pretty good, not perfect much no major problems. One of the tank mounts wasnt perfectly straight, but it did not cause a problem, I have had that tank for about a year now, which is a record considering the 2nd OEM tank lasted about 2 months.

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