xr200-need to split cases?

need to replace shift shaft (splined shaft the shifter holds on to) on my 95 xr200.

do i need to split cases to do this?



You will not need to split the case, the clutch basket will need to be removed in order to remove the spindle ( this is the part you are refering to) Its not a real big deal to change , just be very careful when pulling the shaft out not to screw up the oil seal when you pull the splined part out, grease the splines before doing this. Its pretty straight forward, on the 200 you do not need any special tools , if I remember correctly i just used a small palm type impact wrench to undo the clutch locking nut, it kind of needs a good jolt to undo it initially.

The rest is pretty much straight forward.

good luck


thanks stu.

racer36 :)

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