06 kx450f is alive

Thanks for all the help:worthy: :D :D ... Now I have another ???? . Did an oil change with a new filter. I put in the recommend amount and the window filled up. I ran it for about 2 mins and shut it down the window only had a little bit of oil showing. I waited about 30 mins and still just a lil (almost half). Waited a bit longer and still just about half. I then made there were no leaks (could not find any) so I add a bit until the window was full. Is this normal and did I do the right thing??????:banghead::busted:

im sure the bikes fine man. it doesnt hurt to add a little more oil then what the manual says. dont add too much because then youll be just wasting oil.

In the middle is good. The top of the sight-glass is the high mark and the bottom of the sight glass is the low mark. The middle is GOOD. Wait until tomorrw, mine did the same thing and came up more overnight. Also, make sure the bike is level.

If you drain it all when hot, and replace the filter, then the amount written near the filler hole is the amount to put in there. Ignore the sight glass. Personally I think that glass is good for a pre-ride check just to see that nothing stupid is going on. The engine has two "sumps" (or whatever) so oil can sit in one "side" or the other. Thus the sight glass is not a good indicator. Especially when filling. If you really want to use the sight glass, then in my experience using the above read-and-measure-and-pour method, then if the bike is used as per normal, then left to sit and cool, then the oil level is just above the sight glass. I cannot remember technically what happens when you over fill (I think you block the case breather and blow damage something). Someone explained it in the this forum, I just remember it's not good, so don't. There is some room for under/over fill error, but don't push it. It's no lawn mower engine.

The same thing happens every time I change my oil too. The sight glass has very little tolerance between low and full. If you have done a thorough job of draing your oil, you may have to add a little more than the manual calls for:blah: :banghead::busted: . I always change my oil at night, put in the recomended amount, fire it up and check the level the next morning.

I changed my oil today after 5.8 hrs of riding. A friendly road bike mechanic was around when I did it, and when I told him 5.8 hrs he said "what!" and thought I was nuts - for doing it so "soon". Anyway when he saw the oil, he said, "wow that oil does look well used!". Funny thing was that I thought it looked pretty good. :banghead: The moral to my tale is that oil discoloration is very subjective. I my case I was happy because I knew the brown color was from clutch material. I saw no noticeable metal particles of any size, and the oil certainly was not burned (sooty) or thin on viscosity. I run 75% Shell Rimula-X (Rotella 15w40) and 25% Shell ASX synth (15w50). Air temps are in the range of 25 to 30C lately.

My recommendation - At first Always measure your oil to make sure to get the correct amount and take a look at the sight class, then after a few oil changes I know how much to put in everytime!:banghead:

If the manual calls for lets say 1 quart with a filter change why dont you guys just put in one quart of oil? You know you put it in there and thats what the manual called for so you know theres oil in it and it will be ok... right?

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