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Another Power Now Review

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Okay...We've been up and down the "Power Now" road. But, I thought I'd just pass along that I think the thing works. I just put mine in Friday, and went for a ride on Saturday. Of course, it's not like going from WR to YZ timing...but it is a nice boost when you crack the throttle open at lower rpms. Is it $69 worth? The jury is still out on that one, since at this very moment, $69 is a lot to me. :)

But just for the record, beyond all the trash talk, on the bike, this thing works pretty well for a simple bolt on product. I would recommend it.

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I installed mine last week and went out Sunday to try it out. Frankly, I feel like I wasted $70. I'm not impressed at all with this product. The jetting is way off now, and it stalls WAY too easy on harder throttle openings at lower RPM's. It never did that before.

I will however give it the benefit of the doubt and try to jet it for this piece, but I'm not expecting miracles since there's no way to compare it to the stock piece without going back to the original jetting.

I guess all these fancy gimmics can't work to make more power.


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I just did what the directions said, and went 1 richer on my main jet. I left my needle clip alone (stock needle, 2nd position). I went 1/4 richer on my fuel screw, and mine ran fine.

But, unlike a lot of people, I haven't had many jetting issues, and my bike has always started easy, so maybe I just got the luck of the draw.

Just for comparison, I'm in Dallas (HOT, HOT, HOT), and I have the Pro Circuit T4, Vortex Ignition, YZ timing, and of course the Power Now. My jetting is:

Pilot: #40 (when it cools off, I'll go back to the #42)

Needle: Stock, 2nd clip (3rd when it cools off)

Main: #172 (#175 when it cools off)

Fuel Screw: 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 turns

When I say "cools off" I mean, the current jetting works in 100 degrees and up (...yeah..it sucks). Once it gets down in the 80s, I'll go back to the richer jetting.

Hope this helps.

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