01 yz426 clutch basket??

i was examining my entire clutch because i am replacing the plates and springs and i noticed when i took the clutch basket out that something rattled a little. the only obvious thing to rattle on a clutch basket would be the springs embeded into the the back side of it. just one of them moves around a little and another, not as much. the rest are pretty tite in there. are those loose springs going to affect my bikes power, or cause it to slip? or is that normal?

If you removed them altogether it wouldn't slip or loose power, but it would break something before very long. Those are drive cushioning springs to absorb driveline shock. One or two of them have settled out a bit more than the others have. The obvious, absolutely wisest thing would be to replace the basket and gear assembly, but the truth is, you can probably run it quite a bit longer as long as there are no cracks in the springs.

do it proper and measure the free lenght of each spring to make sure they are still with in spec before you reassemble. or do yourself a favor and buy an aftermarket one. check ebay, got my brand new vortex basket for $75

He isn't talking about the clutch pressure plate springs, so there is no way to replace any of them; the cushion springs are not serviceable. This also means that if they are in bad enough condition to warrant replacement, the only option is an OEM basket, since the aftermarket units do not include any part of the drive gear/shock cushion assembly, which is where the problem is.

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