Gridlock, Did you go to Rocky Creek on Sun. 10-6? I only saw two other DRZ's on the trail and didn't see em In the parking area. The number on my bike is 483 if you seen me. Maybe we can get together next time, I never miss the Rocky Creek ride.


Yes I was there. We parked off to the right in front of the pond. I was with a bunch of KTM's and one YZ250F. My bike is pretty much stock with the CFC case savers.

We did one complete loop before lunch and then 2 after lunch for a total of 56 miles. That was my first time down there. I've never ridden that much in 4th and 5th gear. Had a lot of fun.

I did see one other DRZ there and I was right behind a guy with a DRZ on a trailer and a Yamaha quad when I pulled in. It looked like a 2001 or 02 with a Yosh pipe.

Your name wouldn't be Robert would it? I thought the guy on the DRZ I saw was the same guy I had met awhile ago at Kentuck who was with his Dad on a YZ250F.

Anyways we should hook up and ride sometime soon.



Yeah, that was me. Glad you liked Rocky Creek. A little bit to dusty last week but still good riding. My old man sold the YZ, it was too much work for him. I heard they reopened Houston Valley Sept. 30th. I will be going the 19th or 20th of this month. Maybe we can get together then

I'd be op for a trip up to Houston Valley that weekend. I live NW of Marietta, so it shouldn't be to bad of a trip for me. JoeDRZ and I were going to head down to Rocky Creek, but ended up going to the mountains instead.

Looking forward to meeting you guys and riding Houston Valley - I haven't been before.

Hollywood :)

That's the one weekend I have to work this month. I do want to go ride Houston Valley sometime soon though. I perfer a weekday ride up there due to the huge crouds on the weekends. E-mail me if you can go during the week sometime of if you want to go riding any other time.

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