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If someone in Australia could be of help to you, let me know...

I am having the same dilemma with buying stuff from the US that is not available in Australia, I have a great contact through TT who is willing to help, so let me reciprocate the good karma...



I have the same problem Yamaha.Dude. Try buying a Thor Scattershield chest protector here in OZ ...... Its impossible :)

...and of course before you send off your hard earned money, you want to try a few things on sometimes... it is hard to guess... maybe we should organise a shopping & riding trip to the US once a year... LOL

I have bought stuff from the US before, but from companies that are willing to ship internationally... like Scotts... but they don't sell everything I want... :D:)


Shopping and riding trips sound good to me :). We worked it out once that if we spent over $3000 a year it would be cheaper to fly to the US to buy, as there are such huge mark ups here.

Example is i got my Emig Triple Clamps direct for around $900 and to buy then here the are around $1400

I have bought from overseas, like Emig and Scotts and they are great. Try Pro Circuit.... Good Luck

I saved AU$400 on my Shoei helmet, and got a colour that was not available in Australia anyway, and that saving was after US$65 express shipping as well... You are right about the mark-ups... :)

I used to travel to the Uk via the US frequently years ago, and always went with an empty case, and managed to stop at the Mall of America or somewhere, and grab a suitcase full of Levis jeans and Timberland shoes and the like... :D Customs never caught onto me, as long as you take the labels off... :D


I will ask tomorrow for you, i am pretty sure they don't import the MX clothing range in here, they do have boots though. Anyway give me a day and i will check it out for you

I'm going into the dealer today (in about 2 hours) to see about AlpineStars for my son... he has outgrown his Fox boots... I will ask about the riding gear... I doubt that a jersey and pants would weigh that much for postage... What size or age is the lad? what colours/styles have you seen? They seem to have black & white with either the red or orange or blue or grey colour combo...



I was in at the dealer, he didn't have the kids price list, only the adults, but he is sure he can get them. He was going to get the price list sent to him today. I will PM you in a couple of days with the info when the bike store gets it for me... They are a pretty good store, give me a good price and don't muck about getting things in...

Speak to you soon,


Check your e-mail Rich,

Sorry, it is a no go... not sure where they actually sell this stuff... not in North America, not in Australia... must be apretty small market share in some strange European country... LOL


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