450 GRABBY CLUTCH possible solution

For those of us experiencing the clutch noise and grabby feeling of the new 450's, try the following and share the results. When starting for the first time(of the day) start with the clutch pulled in, this may allow for a little more oil to enter and cover the plates. Keep the clutch pulled in for the first 30 seconds or so of the warm up and then pull and release the clutch several times while the bike is ideling. I have not had a chance to try this yet because my neighbor cited the riot act after a extended practice session on my track the other nite. Let me know if this helps. Thanks

if enough oil is not getting in to the clutch area then maybee it cant get out either , after laying the bike on it's side could oil be added directly to the clutch area then replace the cover ?

You gota figure Yamaha spends a lot of money on R&D. They are not new to the motor bike thing and I would have to assume that they know what they are doing. Look at their track record... These bikes take a lot of abuse and continue to run and my money is with Yamaha. Only time will tell. Perhaps someone should try an aftermarket clutch?

Hopefully someone will soon come up with an answer and or a solution, but in the mean time I will keep riding and watch it very closely. Any suggestions on the matter would be great. Thanks :)

The clutch on my 450 is grabby, the only solution offered by Yamaha was to soak the clutchplates in oil over night. I'm not going to take anything apart on my bike as long as it's under warranty, so I took my bike to my dealer today so he could soak the plates. I'll test it tomorrow and see if it helps. :)

sounds like a good idea with the starting and all, but I tried that right away and still nothing still grabby


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Just wondering if your soaking really worked. I tried it for about 30 min. and it was good for about 10 min. or so. Then it went back to being grabby, hope there is a fix soon??????? :)

Well, my dealer soaked my clutch plates for 20 hours, and it helped..... for about 10 min, the the clutch was grabby again. Bummer. I'm not giving up and I'll keep on bugging my dealer until I'm satesfied with the clutch. I think it's really sad with the garbby clutch because the rest of the bike is so great. :) If anyone have any ideas please post. Have anyone had their clutch fixed by Yamaha, and if so does anyone know what has to be done????

I've solved the noisy, grabby clutch problem in the past on my 00 426F, and 01 250F by switching to a Hinson outer basket, and drilling extra sets of oil holes into the inner basket (an extra 2 in between each existing set of 3).

Worked like a charm. I did the same mod to my 02 250F as soon as I got it.

Now, I'm not sure if the 450F has the same problem, nor have I experienced that problem on my 450F (just picked it up), but it is food for thought.

Well let us know if you have the same issue, and if drilling the basket will really help? I thought the same thing but I'm not positive were to drill the new holes? :)

I'm not to happy about modifying parts on my brand new bike by my self, but if you find a solution please let us know so my dealer can fix mine. :)

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