Mechanical questions

One of my intake valves keeps tightening up on my 02. I know this is a problem so should I replace just the one valve or replace both? Lap it in?? I heard this is a no no? Just put a new one in and run it, or do I need to have the seat cut? I have about 40-50 hours on it I was also thinking of putting a new set of rings in while the head was off. I'm new to this four stroke top end stuff so any helpful tips are appreciated.

If as you say you are haveing to adjust 1 intake valve I would replace it, at, least this is simptomatic of the dreaded intake valve recession. Although you can probably get away with replaceing only one ,the valves really arent that expensive.In most cases of intake valve recession I have seen the intake seats are OK but I would have a trusted mechanic take a look at it jusst to be sure.Don't lap the valves Honda recomends against this.

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