Memorial Decals For Garrett, Get 'Em Now!

All 400/426/450 forum members,

Get your requests for the Motoman393 memorial decals to your regional coordinators as soon as possible. If you happen to see a coordinator at an event just ask for them. Both the blue / white and the yellow/black are available.

Bill Barnard :)

Want to add this from the original post, Hey All lets get this done for Garrett

Here are the regional contacts to send self addressed, stamped envelopes to as arequest for decals. They should receive the decals from me by next Wednesday. Please be patient with this we are all volunteers that just want to help you honor Garrett.

New England:

Chris Stegemeier

P.O.Box 372

Rockland, DE 19732

Northeast, South of New York State, East to the Mississippi River:

Charlie Fisher

728 Warrington Ave.

Cinnamonson, N.J. 08077


Bill Barnard

3340 Schifko Road

Cantonment FL 32533

Houston Area Only:

Leah Bazzy

4162 Pine Crest Trail

Houston, TX 77059

Texas, Mid-west and Plains Areas

Shane Jones

444 E. Medical Center Blvd. #1616

Webster, TX 77598

Southwest, except California:


9357 Red Rose Avenue

Las Vegas NV 89129

Northern California:

John Lorenz

c/o Garrett Berg

1201 Sequoia Court

Hollister, CA 95023

Southern California, including Hawaiian Islands:

Martin Sweet

7 Tradewinds Court

Chico, CA 95973


Cory Pollard

RT 1, Box 104

King Hill, ID 83633

Australia and Oceana:


P.O. Box 1642

Bundaberg QLD 4670


European International:

Peter Van Assche

Bosch 153

B-1780 Wemmel


If you are in doubt send your request to the coordinator nearest you, or to me in the east or to John Lorenz in the West. Canadian mambers, please use the closest contact to you area. To everyone that is helping I say a heartfelt thank you. To those that volunteered but I already had someone to cover your area, thank you. Feel free to offer your services to your regional contact. Last, please keep the requests at two decals for now. To MGR8 I canot say thank you enough for the design and Manufacture of these decals. God Bless Garrett, his family and friends and all of you at Thunper Talk (Steve and Bryan, especially)


Bill Barnard

Thanks E.G.O. I wish I knew the cool stuff to do the cut, paste and move between forums like you :D. Seriously (if possible) I appreciate the help with all of the details on the decals.

Bill :)

Is there anyway I could get a few? I live in Canada but will gladly pay postage with paypal.



Just send a stamped Self addressed Envelope to your nearest regional coordinator. Basically write your name and address on an envelope, and put a stamp on it to cover postage, or if you can't get US stamps, include a dollar bill or something... then put that inside another envelope and post the two of them off to your nearest person.



I just got another envelope today so I'll get it out tomorrow. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

Got my Stickers today, I'll put them on my bike tomorrow. Thanks to all for making this happen.

Got mine yesterday, thanks Martin. They look great!

You gentlemen did an excellent job of putting this thing together, thanks.

Ya know those Shirts are available also :)

Got mine yesterday and I do have to say they look real nice! Thaks for all the effort guys! I'm proud as hell to put em on my bike.

Thanks Martin!

Thank you to all of you that have requested and to all the regional coordinators for your work. MGR8 you did a great job on the design an production of these decals. To everyone else get you requests in to the closest coordinator soon.

Bill Barnard

hey how big of envelope so we need to send? will 4x9 be big enough?? wantin send mine off but dont wanna come up short ya know


A regular postal envelope will be fine. Some people used the small pre stamped envelopes. The decals are 1" x 2" ovals.

Bill :)

ok good thatll work then. itll send em off tom..and does anyone know where i can get those fancy stickers? :)

Look on the TT store link from the main page for the fender decals. :)


I just put my stickers on my bike and they look great!

Nice work everybody.

Thanks to everyone that posted on how good the decals look. Now everyone else needs to request their decals from the regional coordinators. Don't forget to order a memorial t-shirt too! :)


I have plenty of stickers left, So do the other Distributors

All it takes is 5 minutes and two 37 cent Stamps, place a self Addressed Stamped Envelope into another Stamped Envelope and mail that to your nearest Distributor.

If you dont know who that is look at the 2nd post abouve and close you eys and point, open eys and mail it to them.


Get em now

Don't hesitate to ask the regional coordinators about sending stickers to any races, rides or shops that might want stickers to be handed out.

Bill :)

To the first page please sir, for quick viewing by everyone.


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