Has Anyone Had Any Problems With CDI's On The 02 ?

Just started popping at high R.P.M.than died.

Have any other 450 owners had this problem?

sure its not the fuel screw or the rev limiter?

The Rev Limiter Is The CDI Box. And yep just replaced it..

And its still doing the same thing :)

Looks like the stator is next

then it has to be the fuel screw. If it pops when you let off, then it is running too lean. Richen the fuel screw a quarter turn at a time.

It runs when it cools down. Well runs may be to strong a

word. If you hold the throttle a 3/4" It pops....and wont even get close to reving out. :). This is why I

Like 2-strokes, Easy to fix.

could be as simple as a loose ground, no ground equals no spark!

Yep, It was the stator. 191.88 Later its all good :)

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