Floating vs Non-Floating discs?

I'm not that impressed with the performance of the standard disc and aftermarket pads on my 05 WR450.

For this reason + aesthetic reasons I want to try a wave disc, but all these seem to be non floating discs.

What advantages are there in having floating discs?

I'm no expert , but a mate of mine told me they can make the centre section of a full floating disc out of a lighter material , than say a solid disc of one material. And I guess a little disc run-out wouldn't be as noticeable through the lever as a pulsating feeling . As you would feel run-out on a solid disc. Hope this helps

The reason for the floating disk is that they don't tend to warp then they get hot. get a stock 07 disk if you want a floating wave rotor.

plus the fact that floating rotor will stay alinged with the caliper thereby increaseing pad/rotor contact and stopping power, thats what I heard anyways...........

The floating rotor from what I've heard, will dissipate heat a little better.

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