My dealer sucks!!!

I've just returned from the dealer I bought my new bike from 3 weeks ago because I wanted to verify my cam timing was wrong,and I couldn't even get him to have his mechanic check it out!I had the valve cover off and timing marks lined up,I think.It would have taken 10 seconds to see if it was right or not but he just said I need to line up the "F" on the flywheel to check it or I could just leave it and they would look at it when they get a chance!I don't want to start changing things until I'm sure.I found an H and an I on the flywheel and I lined up the I.Both cams have an E at roughly 9 o'clock and an I at roughly 3 o'clock.The dot on the right on the intake cam lines up exactly with the head but the dot on the exhaust cam is below the head.There is 14 pins between the dots at the top of both cams.Isn't there soposed to be 13 WR timed and 12 YZ timed?Can someone verify this is all corect before I change anything?

Do you have a digital camera? A nice close-up picture would help a lot.

No,I just have this crummy laptop.I have no way of posting a picture.

Do you have the factory service manual? My '99 came with one and it very clearly explains/shows how to check/adjust the valves and will show you exactly what you are looking for.


Thanks for the excellent graphics!Beleive it or not,I think my bike was put together wrong.I'll get it set at WR timing in the morning.The only thing I'm not sure about is whether to do it myself or take it to my dealer.

from what you said about your dealer he will probably tell you that it will take a month to do and would probably be cheaper to buy a new bike. :D The closest dealer to my house is just as bad. While taking a look at a 426 i noticed the radiator cap was loose. I popped it off and to my amazement i found out that it was filled with un-mixed automotive coolant :)

Well,I changed the timing to proper WR setting this morning and it was a piece of cake.The only problem I had was my 1/2" drive torque wrench was completely useless.I ended up using a 1/4" ratchet and snugged the bearing caps a little at a time.Anyone have any ideas where to find a reasonable priced torque wrench that would fit?

Anyways,on a limited test ride,the bike feels like it has more midrange and top end.I think it has all the power I'm going to need for the woods riding I like to do.If I need more,I'll YZ time it and throw on a less ristrictive muffler.

Thanks for all the help!


Thanks for the great pics there!

You have anymore links with pics for 2k2 426 mods?


I did those special for XC800.X because my dealer f*cked up my timing as well. That's all I have.


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