New MX track At Moroso/New OHV Laws

Have any of you Florida Riders heard of a new MX track at the Moroso Park that is in the works? Also If I'm understanding this new OHV riding area legislation correctly we should be seeing more Croom like riding area's very soon.Ithink the State will be adding 3-more area's by January of next year. Great News!!! I hope!!!

I have heard that Moroso was going to open a track (they had one years ago but closed it for some reason) but I've heard nothing else since. I need to call them and find out what's up.

Also I have heard "of" the new law, but I don't know what it requires the state to do. Hopefully we can get some riding areas down south, but somehow I suspect we won't because the realestate is so expensive (i.e. the developers will buy out the politicians to put it somewhere else). I really really hope they prove me wrong! Anyone know who we can find more info on this or who to write to?


The new laws passed as far as I know and were signed into law by the governor. The new track is news to me. :). Please post any info you have about the track. Where are you in Florida?


The new track at moroso is supposedly a go for november, I also heard its being designed by an ama course designer and that they plan to apply for addition to the outdoor national schedule.

Even if it turns out to be a decent practice track I'll be happy, the rest is a fantasy till I see it happen.

I briefly checked their site and didn't see any info so I sent them an email asking for more info. I'll post anything that they send. I can't wait for it to open, I just hope it doesn't hurth thundercross too much.

Sir,any addition in the way of a local track has gotta be good,Should draw more riders from St lucie,Melbourne areas.My thoughts anyway. We were going to Thundercross every weekend for a year Kids would ride MX and us Older Guys would ride the woods,The Kirtens sold it and had no reason to keep the woods open.As with so many areas through the years ,another one bites the dust!!!I heard no GNCC at the Kirten Ranch this coming year either,that sucks bigtime!

Yea that does suck that they didn't sell the trail land with the track and have now closed the trail. I never rode the trail but I remember it being open.

Speaking of which, I'm going to try to head out to Thundercross this Sunday. Their phone message says that there will be practice both days this weekend. If anyone is headed down there then look for a guy with a silver helmet and no numbers on the bike (me). I'll be there in a white toyota tacoma 4x4 and a friend in a black mazda pickup and an older YZ 250 may be with me. I'll have a generator so bring a fan and extension cord if you have one (I'm hogging my fan). :)

No reply yet from moroso... In the least their PR department is sslllooowww....

I spoke with the GNCC folks this afternoon, They confirm that no Race Next spring at Kirton Ranch. They did however say that the Florida GNCC will be held not far up the road (What Ever That Means) The guy I spoke with didn't have the exact site info but said it would be released by the AMA following the last race of the season (Ironman GNCC) on the 19th and 20th of October...

Stay Tuned....

Bonzai :)

Well,I hope not far up the road means just that.We usually have a Hare Scramble the weekend before the Tuesday GNCC.Yes,I'm getting old and hate driving!!!!Did you race last years Okeechobee GNCC Kamakaze??

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