2008 yz450 owners:

Ive asked numerous questions on the 08 yz aleardy,but Im curious what you guys that have had the 08 yz for a while now really think of the 08.I sold my 07 yz450 and was thinking of buying another brand or even a 2-stroke,but I am not sure what to buy.I can get a 08 yz450 fot 5900 out the door in socal which is an excellent price and about 1000.00 cheaper than a kawi or honda.Ive heard alot of mixed reveiws about the 08,but the main thing that I am still not sure on is if the bike corners better.I have until tuesday to decide to get it at that price.Man this has been a tough decision.

I had the 07 YZ450 and yes it does corner better. I saw even better cornering when I put a tall seat on it. Not sure if that would work for everyone or not.

I had a WB Al Pro II on my 07 and carried it over to the 08. The stock pipe on the 08 is horrible. The WB was a hugh improvement in power and over rev. I recently landed on a goon rider and had to replace the exhaust. I bought a DR. D because everyone I saw had it and it seemed like a lot of people on here have it as well. All I can say is thanks to the goon. This pipe is way better than the 07 WB pipe. It is like riding a totally different bike. It has a lot more power and hit but it is weird because it isn't brutal, just powerful. I do have to pay close attention to body position coming out of turns because it is hard to keep the front end down.

I was all smiles with the DR D. Get the 08 and put the DR D on before you ever ride it.

best bike i ever ridden.

I've got an 06-07 and 08 yz450f. The 08 is really sweet once you get rid of the exhaust. I just grin when i ride it. Trying very hard to keep it new till next season and just ride the 07.. so far it hasn't been easy....

i went from ridin the 06 to the 08, i love it. It is sweet. I've had the suspension done, exhaust and cam. The cam believe it or not mellos it out and makes everything smooth.

Little longer review and some back ground. I sold an 05 CRF450 and replaced it with the 08 YZF450. My girlfriend thought I looked quicker on teh YZF right away. I did put an FMF Factory 4.1 exhust on it, with the stock header. Lots of reviews are saying the bike is underpowered, I disagree and believe it to be smoother power delivery. I can stay out for more laps on this bike than my CRF.

I put a lot of hours on a bike and have not had the 08 that long yet but the CRF was nickle and diming me everytime I rode it. Lots of little issues. I also had to put 2 sets of valves in it and was really torqed by Honda saying it was maintanice issues caused by the rider causing valves to go bad. I have owned several 4 strokes to include a 03 WR450 with way more hours and no issues with it. So Honda drove me away from that brand.

Bottom line on 4 strokes if my bike was stolen tomorrow and I had money in hand for a new one I would be right back down at the Yamaha shop to buy another YZF.

You mentioned 2 strokes. I also own an 06 YZ250. I race mainly enduros and this has been my off road race bike. I love it, it is an amazing motorcycle. But when it comes to MX it isn't as good on the track as a 4 stroke.

Hope that helps a bit.

thanks for the replys .I havent 100% made up my mind,but I am leaning towards the 08 yz450.thanks again.

I can get a 08 yz450 for 5900 out the door in socal which is an excellent price
That's a great price here. :banghead:

I've got the '08 and love it. I never ran it with the stock exhaust, as I went with the Dr. D right away. Pro Action did the suspension. Expect to spend some time dialing in the suspension for your style/needs I tried various sag and fork height settings before settling on 103mm sag and forks as high as 15mm in the clamps for indoor and more like 10mm outdoors. Bike handles amazing for me at those settings. It's built very well (fit and finish). Get one, you won't regret it.

edge450,can you tell me where to get the 08yzf450.my brother is interested.thanx

motox senior ,the place the I was going to buy the bike at is hollywood yamaha the phone number is 323-962-5522 ask for jack.Also make sure you ask him if he will match the ebay price which is 5949.00 o.t.d.When I called the first guy I spoke with quoted me 6149.I had originally talked to jack about the ebay ad which had a buy now of 5949.00 and when called back again I aked for jack and asked if he would match the original price of 5949..He said even know the ebay ad had expired he would still give me it for 5949.00 o.t.d.Good luck.As for me I going back to 2 strokes for the next year.I found a killer deal on a 07 yz 250 with a 285 kit.The bike only has 2 hrs and over 6500.00 in aftermarket parts.custom bike built by wiseco piston.Just thought Id mention that.The excitement got the best of me.cant wait to ride it.

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