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I have a 02 520 EXC with stock suspension.

I weigh 85 kg without gear

I am an intermediate rider.

I ride mainly bush with some small jumps.

I have set race sag to 110mm and static sag to 35mm

The suspension to me feels O.K , but because I have never had a bike which was set up properly I don't know what I am missing.

I have spoken to three suspension experts and have been told different things.

The first guy said to change the rear shock to a PDS 3 and revalve front and rear.

when I asked him about the front springs for my weight he said the valving changes will make the front firmer.

The second guy said to change the forks springs to .46 and PDS 3 on the rear with a revalve and gold valves front and rear.

The third guy said pretty much the same as the first.

These were all top suspension techs that are used by our top riders.

Can anyone please give advise on what they think is best.

Will this make a major improvement or should I just leave the set up the way it is and spend what money I have on a GPR steering damper instead ?

Do you think gold valves are really nessesary ?



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First, I'm no suspension pro so take this advice for exactly what you paid for it. :)

Suspension is tough. You can't really say that what works for you will work for your buddy in the same conditions on the same bike. Some folks like suspension to be very plush, some like it very stiff, etc.

Springs are a little more straight forward but a very aggressive rider or someone who rides in a lot of high speed dez type conditions may want to go up a step above what the sag numbers would produce. For you at ~190 pounds, you should be probably be using .44 springs. You have .42's stock. The back would probably work well with a PDS7. PDS6 should be stock. Set the rider sag to 95mm and your bike sag should be 25mm +/-10mm.

Ride it with the right springs and then figure out if you need any more work. The suspension in 02 was pretty good right out of the box, especially in the back. The forks can be made better over the slower speed trail junk, though.

I'm not a big fan of gold valves. I was able to revalve the forks in my 01 400E and 03 450E using the ebay kit talked about elsewhere in this forum and get great results with just a base valve shim stack shuffle.

Best of luck getting it dialed. It's some of the very best time and money you can spend to make the bike faster, IMO.

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