Foul weather gear

What are your recommendations for foul weather riding gear? I am getting ready for several long trail rides latter this month. I was wondering what everyone is wearing for jacket and pants. From my backpacking experience gortex is a must. So what's your opinion? I have looked at MSR jacket and pants but they are quite spendy. I know you get what you pay for?????

Take a look on ebay, there are a lot of enduro style waterproof jackets

forsale there now. Joe rocket, etc. Some good deals to be had.

I donated my old goretex jacket i never wear to my dirtbike gear. I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op and got some cheap seamsealed waterproof pants. Goretex pants= waste of money, IMO. Your boots and kneeguards cover most of your leg, so what is left for breathable fabric to accomplish?

All i need now is a performance undershirt like polypro or something for cold days. Wore a cotton undershirt yesterday... it gets sweaty and wont dry. Black Diamond has some waterproof, lightweight gloves which still offer good dexterity.

ballistic, I totally agree. I love Goretex for snowboarding, jogging, anything BUT riding. When I am riding I do not want my pants and jacket to breathe, I want it to keep me warm! :)

I am ditching the Goretex for something else soon, how much did your MEC cheapies cost?

Gandk, Paul and myself are trying out some new socks (test sets) there has not been any rain to test them in or cold temps, if you can keep your feet dry and warm thats a big PLUS if they work I'll post with info. If they don't work I'll blame Paul.

monty :)

if it is going to be wet and muddy, i go to osh, or home depot and buy my son and i a couple of cheap rain suits($10 max)then toss them in the trash when we are done. they are usually shredded anyways. i have a thor jacket, and i will only use that if it is very cold(not wet).

ballistic, those Torrent MEC pants are water proof? I want full on water proof, I do not really care if I have to go with rubber pants--I just want to be sure I arrive at my destination dry. :)

They claim they are, and all the seams are tape sealed. I have not yet tried em out though. MEC has good quality stuff.

As far as water proof jackets go, I still haven't any better than the First Gear Sirocco. It's completely waterproof, has about 4,371 pockets (including a special pocket for a drinking system), removeable fleece liner, full armour, good venting, etc. Only problem is the high price but, like you said, you get what you pay for.

BigDR is right. You want what ever gear you have on to breath. Once you sweat you will get cold. Spend the money and get good gear. I have been snowmobiling for years and have gone the route of water proof and nonbreatable gear to now breathable gear. It makes all the difference in the world. Warm=breathable.

I HAVE good Goretex stuff already and I am telling you I do not want to breathe! Breathable jacket means air gets in as well as it gets out, I want to block the wind completely so I stay warm. My Goretex stuff keeps me dry, no doubt about it, but when it is windy and cold, I cannot layer enough to say warm. :)

I agree with KHB. He really smells when he gets wet, no sense in a stinky hillbilly laying on your couch. The breatheable stuff lets air and water vapor out, and does not let air or water vapor in. That's why GoreTex is patented, it allows unidirectional flow. It really does work well. What is my choice? Well, I am a big sissy so I don't ride in the foul weather. If it is cold and wet I will be found inside.

I have extensively tested jackets and socks in cold, cold weather. (I'm Canadian, eh?) I use Joe Rocket Ballistic 3.0 pants and jacket. Lined, water-proof, padded, great value. But here's the's NOT so much the jacket and pants combo, IT'S WHAT'S WORN UNDERNEATH that makes or breaks your whole set-up. I've worn motocross boots (leather,unlined) in below-zero weather with no cold toes. For your feet, even in warm weather, nothing beats Merino wool socks. PERIOD. While some of the synthetics work very, very well in high-tech, breatheable boots, the Merino wool is needed in unlined stuff. It's ability to wick sweat out is renown. Merino wool is also super soft, and not picky like regular wool. Remember Merino wool, and you'll be all set in the foot department for warm or cool riding (comes in diffrent thicknesses depending on weather). I wear Wigwam socks exclusively ( )When it's really cold, I wear Wigwam liner socks made of Ultimax. COTTON UNDERGARMENTS DO NOT DRY ONCE WET in cold weather. SO heads up. Another exlusive I wear is Louis Garneau undergarments. You know those expensive Fox, Moose, EMS riding shorts? Louis Garneau riding shorts make those look/feel like bargain bin specials. They are THAT good. Ever hear of breatheable chamois for the ass/crotch area? Didn't think so...these underwear come with it. Monkey-butt is impossible with these. (I wear these in warm weather). For the cold, they have underwear with insulated nutsack areas to keep Jimmy and The Twins warm. And hey..if you don't like what they have off the rack for you, they'll make a set of riding shorts to your specs. Their thermal underwear come in very light (2000 series) to a blazing 6000 series. I have riden in sub-zero temps with ONLY 4000 series on underneath my jacket and pants, and was toasty warm. (I can't imagine needing the 6000 series, short of a polar expedition) But what's amazing is when you are done, you are DRY. SO I keep a set of 2000 series and 4000 series. The 2000 series I layer. The 4000 series rule all on their own for the really cold stuff. I also wear a series 2000 balaclava to keep ear/face/head's SO THIN you can't believe it could possibly work. But it does..and fits under the helmet great. So there you have it. My several years test of harsh outdoor riding, hiking and goofing off for your benefit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask...~Ron

Gortex is the way to go... I have a MSR lightning pro jacket( the uninsulated kind) that is about 10 years old now, it is great in the wet and cold weather. I had MSR gortex pants that I got in 1988 and wore them until they didn't fit anymore. Now my buddy has them and they are used in cold weather and when it is wet.... They might cost alot but last a long time... They just have to be ironed every once in awhile to stay water proof...

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