Nice Exhaust

I've got a full Big Gun exhaust (not sure which one) on my 2004 XR650L. Sounds like a rubber band lawn mower with the sound diffuser (spark arrestor?) in place, way too loud with it out. Can anyone recomend a fairly quiet slip on with a deep tone that will fit the rest of my Big Gun exhaust?

if you can get one where you are, try the Staintune slip-on from Australia.

It's 100% stainless steel, no repacking or maintenance, nice deep sound, removable sound restrictor, good performance boost in the mid range.

Not cheap, but the pipe will outlast your bike - top quality workmanship.

not sure if all other slip on's will fit your BG header but you may wanna ask manufacturer. Id look into a dics series exhaust if you want a bit quiter sound and tuneable. Also heard alot of FMF Q series for being a good quiet exhaust. The WB E2 with the spark arrestor insert arent bad. Im sure all these are a bit quiter(lol not a word but oh well) that the big gun ive heard those are really loud.

I had a FMFQ2 on another bike and it had a great, not too loud sound. However, it really does not improve performance over the stock exhaust. If you dont like loud, then stay away from the Supertrapp racing style, external disc exhaust. With 12 discs, mine is super loud on my 650L. I like loud pipes though.

like my e2 WB. quiet with the tip in. loud without, but so much more power.

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