Dumb Idea? 125L wheels for 125 wheels

What would it take to replace the wheels from a 125 (smaller wheels) on a TTR125L? Does anyone sell a small front wheel with the disk brake? Can I use a small wheel from a regular ttr125?

You need a set of spokes and rims off a small wheel TTR and have them laced up. That will give you a front disc brake small wheel TTR. Pretty cool idea! Most want to go the other way. It might be expensive to do. An idea if you want to hunt things down and are handy with the tool box is to find a complete YZ80 front wheel (with disc) most likey a 93 - 2002 USD fork one) and with a couple of spacers it will fit up but you need a rear wheel and a pre USD rear drum braked YZ 80 wheel might fit with spacers. Complex answer but hope it helps :)

I am looking at Buying at 125L for my son as he will grow like a weed, but he is too short for the 125L right now, so my plan was to buy the 125 L and get the 125 wheels laced to the 125L hubs.

Anyone know who can do the lacing in So Cal, and how much I might be spending? Also wondering on the spoke length as the diameter of the 125 drum hubs are bigger than the 125l disc hubs.

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