Black Plastic in Trans Oil

Serviced bike for 4th time tonite and there was black rubber in trans oil. Anybody have this happen and /or know what it is?

that black stuff in your tranny oil is your clutch dampers letting go. You will have a metallic clanking noise shortly as it gets worse. You will have to replace the clutch basket and dampers as they are one piece sold by Honda. A better fix is to buy the one from Hinson. The dampers are replaceable. They are not with the stock basket. Hope this helps.

Yup, rubber from the dampeners...

Yup almost no doubt that it is the clutch outer dampers,I would check with your local Honda dealer if this is a US model.They can check with Honda and almost certainly recieve "good will" coverage on at least the failed part.

Why do the Dampers fail so quickly? Is this normal for a 4th service?

Supposedly Honda fixed this problem for the 03's. If you have an 02, then it happens fairly often. The best fix is to put a Hinson clutch basket and dampers from a 02 CR250 or if they have one now for the CRF. My problems are now gone and have been for quite some time. Hope this helps.

Thanks for info guys.

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