Clamps or Linkage

I am trying to decide on getting new 22 or 20mm clamps with new bars at a cost of $350.00 or getting the new 03 linkage at what cost i do not know? to get the steering problem fixed.

What part of the linkage is different? swingarm mount point? shock linkage?

any thaughts or info would be apreciated.

thanks! :)

If you have an 02, get the clamps. I have both and my stock clamp 03 does not turn as well as my 02 with 20 mm clamps. The rear shock is most important tho. Fix the rebound speed for soft or sand. Try "shockdoc" on this forum.

PS - Try Performance Engineering, they aren't that expensive...(407) 905-9330

If you have an 02, change the clamps and get your suspension sorted out and it will work correctly. Can't tell you much about the 03's yet. I tried the 03 linkage and it worked better the way I have it now. 20mm offset and suspension is the way to go.

If I wanted to change my '02 linkage to the '03 setup, can someone provide some insight as to how much of the linkage needs to replaced - all of it or just part.


part numbers and prices, previously posted by mxraceraz:


52479-meb-750 =$74.31

from service honda.

I did this swap last weekend. The linkage parts bolt right on. The difference sitting on the bike is very minor. Im a tall guy anyway but it did not seem to make much diff in overall ceet height. As far as the diff on the track, they were noticable but not dramatic. I have gold valves in my bike and have been playing with the set up for quit some time. It still seemed to loose the front wheel a bit quiker than my buddys CR250 which I think is as much to do with the added tourqe as anything but over all the bike handles great with out the clamps. It's still beats the crap out of me on acc bumps and breaking bumps though so my work is not done yet. I think I have the shock a bit to stiff.

Thanks MX600 - knew I should've checked previous posts.

You might be able to get away with neither. There are a couple of shops (shock therapy & pro circuit) that are lengthening the shocks. Which should raise the back of the bike up to give you a better turning degree.

Try this before you spend any money.

-set you race sag @ 3 3/4" with a warmed up shock

-slide your forks up in the clamps so that 1/4" shows between the line on the forks and the top of the clamp.

This set up works great for me. My 02 turns just fine, with no head shake when braking hard.


DBM has it right.....for 02 stock equipment.

I find I change my sag (shock preload) almost at every track I go to!

If it feels like the front is washing I give it more preload, to make it turn, and if its turning too fast for the conditions - like a sand track - I increase the sag....this 450 likes to have the right feel or it going to pitch u off!!!


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