Removal of 08' stock exhaust cone..

I think that I read that a few of you have removed the punched cone of the 08'stock exhaust. I cant find the post now. I am planning on keeping my stock exhaust with a PMB sparky in it. is there a:

...Power increase?

...Any idea of what the decibel level is?


I don't recall seeing that here.

I maybe having a minor hallucination again, I thought that I saw something about removing the punched cone a month or so ago. I cant find anything via the search so maybe I will have to be the pioneer. I will look into it after I get the PMB. Hopefully the PMB caps are out soon for the the 08's....

I was thinking about doing the same with my stock exhaust,anyone know if this will make a huge difference??

No one thing short of correcting a lean or rich jetting condition will make a HUGE difference.....Maybe more or less noise, but not performance....IMO

A completely different pipe, but not just end cap mod....

We did it on one when they first came out thinking they were on to something cool with the short canister. I did not get to ride the bike but we have let a few riders try it and the reports are not good. This is one bike that needs an exhaust.

Great, I was hoping that someone tried it. Actually, I like the stocker, as I use the bike in the woods much of the time and dont need tons of brute force in the trees. The bike is plenty fast, I was just hoping to get just a tad more power way down low in the RPM's. Lugging speed, that is. I'll throw a PMB sparky on the can when they come out and if I feel the need I will mess with the accelerator pump.

Thanks for the replies,


I've been thinking doing the same thing with the stock mufler.

Let us know what you figured out.


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