Just a story

I'm new at riding/racing so of course I'm enthuiastic about it. The first race I went to everyone there must have been regulars because when the handed out the trophies no even got excited. It was my first race ever and I got a fifth place trophy. My wife is a very fun person to be around so when the handed me my trophy she started cheering and clapping and it sort of got everyone going. A few weeks later I raced there again and the same thing no one really got too excited. Then when they announced my name for a trophy the crowd went crazy and everyone was clapping. I hope at your tracks you keep the enthuiasm about the sport even when you are getting your 75th trophy of your career. Let's remember why we are doing this...TO HAVE FUN!

Well, I did it. I finished the three hour hare scramble by myself. I was the only one in my class that didn't have a partner because you were allowed to race two-man. At least I found out what it was like to race for three hours in the rain and 45 degree weather. The track was VERY muddy. I still have the worn out stock 739 rear tire on, so I was all over the place. Felt like I was on skates, I had no traction what so ever...lol. Then on the last lap I buried my bike. While I was plowing mud with my footpegs in the only line there was in the muddiest part of the track I got stuck. People were starting to pile up behind me. It took me a little while, since I was so tired by then, but I finally muscled the back end out of the mud and finished the race.


Good story! You have a great wife and the right attitude about our sport. Keep it fun and remember that we are lucky enough to get to ride. Good luck and keep up the attitude and the good riding. Give your wife a big hug for all of us for being so supportive. I treasure the support of my wife. She has put up with this crazy passion of mine since 1975. We wish you all the best! :D

Bill Barnard

Request your Memorial decal for Garrett if you did not already do so. P.M. me if you don't know about this. :)

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