I'm for quiter pipes but this is ridiculous!!

You've got to be kidding. If ANYONE takes these people even half way serious they are NUTS!! And I'm refering more to some of the other, much more ridiculous points than dirtbike/ATV limitations! Wow, can you say Communist?

That is so lame, never have I read something so ridiculous. Thanks for the laugh.

Roost ya later


Oh man that's good reading! I never read anything so ridiculous in my life! I love the part about the push mower. Do you think we could fit a "Q" muffler to that website? Sure looks like they're making a AWFUL lot of unwanted noise to me! :)


Talk about turning back the hands of time! I would actually like to ask the person who wrote this draft if he/she could actually confrom to these guidelines. I mean I am all for playing nice but lets be rational and reasonable.

Actually my neighbor is about as rediculous. What a joke.

I'm sure these people tip toe to work in thier socks. Live in solar powered teepee's. Ride bicycle's with bald tires.(as not to cause any erosion). We should be thanking them for saving the world from us.LOL

That crap is coming out of Tulane university and they have a .org web adress wich I believe means they are considered non profit and are probably being funded by our government. That is ridiculous. :)

Ya just gotta wonder why people don't have anything better to do. Besides, there are places in the world where there is no electricity for stereos and no motorized vehicles where they can move. Of course, the nieghbors still might yell too loud.....

Makes a guy want to go ride past their house......

I got $5 that says their demoncrats. :)

i love this one:

'cease manufacturing keyless entry systems with loud "chirping" noises'

because that is something that is all on our minds. don't we all remember thinking how the constant chirping of cars

should be a national outrage.

i hope these guys are driving in front of a truck not allowed to use jake brakes on a six percent grade.

Each State of the United States is called upon to declare noise a dangerous form of pollution, a serious threat to health and safety

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thats a good one! How is noise a dangerous form of pollution?! :)

Maybe they can stop the wind from blowing though the trees too!

I like #33, adequate funding to enforce shall be by states, counties, and locals. That means raising taxes. Its not the democrats that worry me, its the socialistic, communistic, enviormentalist freaks that have taken over the democratic party. :):D

maybe we should kill every living thing that lands or crawls through our backyards, (especially those stupid birds that sing at the crack of dawn), oh but wait make sure your 30-6 has a silencer on it or you'll be in big trouble buddy! these people are ridiculous and should be eradicated from earth. :)

Dont get me wrong but im not in total disagreement with some of their ideas, I dont like the sound of jake brakes,leaf blowers,pimped out cars that are Fast&Furious wannabes with giant subwoofers or kids on 80's that have never had their silencer packing replaced.I believe there is too much noise out there and we are a part of it.I have always maintained if people cant hear us they wont know we are there and therefore will have no reason to complain about us.We have to be aware of the "anti's",anti-this & anti-that,anti-bikes anti-fun anti-anything.

It is my belief we need to police ourselves,advise your friends when shopping for a new silencer,less sound equals more ground.

Ed Bull here

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