Who's Bored?

I have done a search and only found a few ambigious threads concerning "Big bore" on the YZ450F. anyone here running a big bore kit? if so how bout some seat of the pants reports..... My friend has a built CRF450 and in an all out drag race he can pull me on the end. I want to stop that.


i had an athena big bore in my old 03 crf 450 and it was clearly faster than the 06 450s i had ridden at the time.

one of the guys I ride with in the dunes has a 480 kit on his 04 or 05 yzf(anyway pre-aluminum perimeter frame yzf) and he can pull on every crf 450, totally destroys my yzf 450 and dead heats against a guy with a kxf that's had a lot done to it most of the time. That beeing said the guy on the kxf is about 30lbs lighter so I think he has the strongest running bike out there but he spent a couple thousand on parts alone. I will be happy to report next May (that's when we go to Idaho dunes) that my new ktm 505xcf destroyed everyone with ease. Definitely work out the price difference btwn new 505 or big bore on your bike, that's how I ended up with mine. Anyway they do add a lot more power.

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