I'm for quiter pipes but this is ridiculous !!

those people are psycho!


I hope harleys blast by this guys house everynight like they do at my house, then he'd have something to complain about. He probably lives ten miles off a street. What an A-hole!

luckilly that is SOOOO radical its absurd. Limits on sirens and train horns??? That kind of crap works against the cause, pass it around. This page is kinda like the guy with a 110db pipe on his bike, its what people remember when they think of the topic. Queit aircraft??? this is actually really funny.

Things to add

Noise regulation of farting and burping


crying babies

dropping stuff

pregnant women delivering babies

the pop fizz of a soda/beer


music of any kind

airplanes crashing into building (very loud i hear)

airplanes crashing in general but especially into buildings

all diesels (ie-everything we use)

healed shoes on hard floors

tennis shoes on squeeky floors

girgly stomachs


loud nights our with freinds



gigly school girls

tv that can be heard more then 10 feet away (past the couch)

and just for good measure lets bad fat people and people who only have one arm from existing as well.

Did you see the picture of the &%$#@! who is behind it?? If i was more net savvy i'd post it. Check it out under who we are. Tell me that isn't a text book picture of an &%$#@!!!

What can possibly be said about stuff like this? As long as there are extremist Nazi liberals out there, we will get this kind of mental flatulence. The sad part is, they will probably get funding from some tax exempt "charitable foundation". Another assault on freedom paid for by power hungry control freaks.

May the pipes of a thousand Harleys

fart in his tent.


in my town, every day at noon, and every time there is a fire, a siren sounds that can be heard for at least 5 miles. i'd like to put that siren right in front of that morons house and let `er rip!!! :)

i just sent them an e-mail saying they don't deserve the title "American".

Oh my god that was the funniest thin i have possibly EVER read!!! Thanks for the laughs!!! :D:):D :D

those guys are fanatics, hopefully everyone else will see them as a joke as we do, and they will go away.

Amazing...i thought it was a joke. I'd say only in California but sure enough he mentioned my state...SC :)

Allow me to help skid jackson...


You were right.

Couldn't let this die. I was reading a little more on this and it turns out that Hoover AL is one of the model sites that they point to. Here's an excerpt from the noise web site


---stuff deleted---

Most council members favor the proposed law, which has been revised at work sessions over the past several months.

But Councilman Jack Wright said he is concerned that the law is unconstitutionally broad. He also said it might turn Hoover residents into the "noise police."

Under the law, residents have the right to swear out warrants in Municipal Court for noise violations. Police officers also can issue citations.

"I'm all for eliminating noise from boom boxes," Wright said. "I just don't want to take away anyone's freedoms in doing so."

Violations of the noise law would include:

(1) Playing stereos, televisions, musical instruments or other amplified sounds so loudly it can be heard inside someone else's residence or interfere with a business.

(2) Playing a vehicular stereo so loudly it can be plainly heard 50 feet away.

(3) Honking a car horn in a vehicle when it is not in motion, except as a danger signal. A person also can be cited for honking a vehicle's horn while it is moving unless it's used as a danger signal and the driver is slowing down or braking.

(4) Operating any machine or internal combustion engine that is not properly muffled or that can be heard 50 feet away.

Public address systems at public facilities are exempt from the noise ordinance.

Wright said he was concerned that someone listening to a football game on the radio while washing his car could be cited. He asked if church bells pealing after a wedding would be a violation.

He even offered an alternative to citing a teenager practicing with a rock and roll band inside a neighbor's garage: "I've lived next to one, and a loud TV is the best cure."

Hey...someone w/some common sense. Let's hear it for Jack. Unfortunately he wasn't persuasive enough :)


LMAO! I think this is a cruel early April Fools Joke.

Nuf said....


It is a joke right ?

If not then I think that good ol' US Of A is gonna be a sad place to live if these people get their way.

Hope they don't start anything like that over here.

I'd be well pissed..

BAAHAHA! What a load of compost. I hope a FedEx van with a disabled backup alarm runs over his sack so he can't reproduce! :)

What a joke. The thing that really bothers me though is that this lunatic is probably funded through a University or government grant and the son of a bioch probably gets paid pretty well for his fanatical behavior. I'm really to pissed off right now to even write what I'm thinking... :D :D :):D :D :D

That guy should be committed to a mental institution. Oh he left out sneezing and farting.

What a load. I like it quiet, as evidenced by my threads on 'aftermarket pipe? why?', but this is to ensure my future riding pleasure is preserved. Now what I want to do is ride to this guys house, install someone's R4, and do a burnout in his family room. If we are given reasonable noise limits, I could handle that. This guy is after what I think would extinguish riding a motorcycle, driving a car, or walking your dog. Anyone got an R4 I could borrow? I already need new tires.....

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