I'm for quiter pipes but this is ridiculous!!

this makes me want to run my rm250 up and down the street wide open at 3 in the morning with my stihl weed eater strapped to may back (also running wide open), then i could hook up a police siren and turn that on. maybe i could put a basket on the back and put in 3 beagles in it so they could howl at the fire siren. then maybe i could hire some of those crazy ass european road-race fans that have cowbells and airhorns! they could hang out on the curb with their lowriders with 10,000 watt stereos just a jammin. these people must be the damn noise nazis!!!! :)

Makes you wonder who died and made them the noise gods. LOL :)

That site is ridiculous, but the responses on the 'I like noise' page are good, and funny. Almost makes you wonder if it is a joke.

Send em an email telling them what you think of their B.S., their email address is at the bottom of that page. I did!

They show their ignorance by offering ludicrous solutions to these problems. Why don't they just invest all their money into fuel cell development. I guess once they take away our ability to ride and do all the other things we enjoy we will not have anything to do for fun, other than squash tree-hugging activist groups. Personally I am going to miss the noise and smell of an internal combustion engine.

what next, put me in jail for farting too loud?

My motto is loud pipes save lives.

Hey Guys

At much as we may hate to listen to this, the facts are pretty simple - we can either get along with our sound sensitive cohabitants or we will constantly fight for our right to ride motorcycles. While I certainly don't agree with everything on the website, I certainly do appreciate their stance on barking dogs - my neighbor has a dog that barks all night - my point is simple, while all of us can appreciate the sound of a well tuned engine (whether it be motorcycle, weedeater or a lawn tractor with a small block chevy engine), everyone has a different perspective and if we must be considerate of others reasonable preferences or we will continue to face land closures and other infringements on our freedom to ride.

Remember "Tread Lightly"

Pretty hypocritical! They seem to have gone overboard in detail, but left out some of the most important things:

1) Those damn birds that sing outside my window at 5AM

2) The neighbor's baby crying at 2AM

3) Coyotes in the canyon on a full moon

4) The neighbors' cats fighting

5) Headboard thumping against the wall during the nasty

6) My wife telling at me when I'm home late from the track

7) Many, many more...

How do they propose impounding birds, babies, and other health-damaging noise pollution sources? Stupid-a$$es.

Noise is a fact of life. If you don't like it, either leave or buy earplugs.

I liked the part about barking dogs.

"If you can't stop your dog from barking we'll kill it."

These people probably belong to the animal rights association also.

I've worked 3rd shift for 16yrs and have lived with noise during my sleeping period of the day. YOU JUST DEAL WITH IT.

Everybody is intitled to their opinions and I respect that. THEY NEED TO RESPECT THAT.

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