I'm for quieter pipes but this is ridiculous!!

I hope the moron that wrote that is one in front of my semi on that long 7% grade downhill when I'm grossing 80,000 and can't use my jake brake! Hope his binders are strong enough for both of us... :)


I would be breaking the law on numerous counts... leaf blowers, chainsaws, car audio, V8 cars, motorbikes, home stereo, guitar amplifiers, jetski riding, power boats and waterskiing, air compressors etc...

Lucky I don't own one of them noisy snow mobile things - I might really be in trouble... LOL I will just have to settle for a silent pack of sled dogs to travel across snow coountry...


A common ordinance, and one that just drives me completely nuts, is the "No Jake Brake" law.

Ummm. Okay. Let's ban a safety device because it is a bit loud.

I don't drive a truck for a living, but I've hauled heavy enough stuff to appreciate any additional stopping power, and think it is the height of ridiculousness that anybody would even consider to prohibit the use of Jake Brakes because they are a bit loud.

I will never understand that logic.

As for the org linked in the post, I'm at a loss to explain that kind of thinking. The word "Nazi" keeps popping into my head...

Could it be a hoax??

but I just sent these fruits an email:

director@noisefree.org; janetmimi@earthlink.net

If a "No Jake Brake" law EVER contributes to a traffic accident that results in injury or death, and I find out about it, I will be giving the victim(s) your email address.

Come to think of it, I'm sure this has already happened.

After reading your web page it struck me that I've never seen such an arrogant, unreasonable and overly zealous agenda, suddenly I'm that much more thankful that we live in a democratic society.

Noise pollution is a serious threat to health and safety? I'd say a truck with no brakes is a bit more hazardous. Don't you people have anything better to do? Good grief!

Here's mine........

I for one am very concerned with all the noise on this here planet. All those swooshing trees, the loud racket of water crashing over falls,and all them damn birds waking me up early in the morning.......it's just too much. All these things think that this planet belongs to them, and them only, how hipocritical, right! Please, let me know what I can do to help. I've got a shot gun, so the birds shouldn't be much of a disturbance once I get to them. But I just don't know what to do about the trees and water falls...........please advise.

Joe Concerned

I'm sure there to thick to actually get it, but hey, it was fun........


Dodger :D:)

LOL I will just have to settle for a silent pack of sled dogs to travel across snow coountry...

yamaha.dude, Did you read all of it???

Dogs bark.

We cant have that!!!!! LOL

This kind of nonsense is PRECISELY why the Libertarian Party exists! I'm not a Libertarian, but seem to find myself agreeing with them more and more.


PS: Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would have kittens if they could read this website!

The only thing worse than the no jake brake laws are the messed up signs that say, 'Brake retarders prohibited.' There is no such thing as a brake retarder for what its worth. A jake brake is correctly termed a) an engine brake b)an engine or valve retarder, or c) an auxillary brake. To retard something means to reduce its functionality. By definition a brake retarder would be a device that made your brakes less effective. Hell, if such devices existed I'd certainly want to ban their use, too. :)

Dodger, I like yours better. I wish I had approached it from that angle.

Having had time to reflect on this thing a bit I'm pretty sure that, on some level, that group and their web page is a bit of a hoax, if not outright BS.

If so, they did a pretty fair job, althought these days I'm easily fooled. I've already seen enough stuff like that to believe anything.

Yeah, it all falls into line with "Everything you read on the internet is 100% true"...........ain't it the truth :).


Dodger :D :D

Does any one have any suggestions on a quieter pipe for my dog??? :)

How about those psycho's all remove their ability to hear, then THEY will never have an issue.

He must suffer from really bad migrains.

Nicely formatted website... These people are dreaming of utopia or some librarians are out to take over the world! Notice the placid water view, not a crowded city.

Who ever started this website simply listed things that annoy him/her.

However, there some missing items: :D

34) Roosters crowing before sunrise: If any rooster shall crow before a reasonable waking hour, we shall eat its young! :D

35) Screaming babies: All resturants and theaters shall be equiped with "cones of silence". Any screaming baby and parent shall enter the cone of silence until the screaming stops or the pampers run out. :)

36) Screaming /running children: Children should be seen and not heard. Silence them until they are voting age. :p

37) Firearms: Silencers on all Firearms. This will add to the peace and quiet while possibly getting some funding dollars from the NRA. :D

38) Farting: Excessively loud or smelly farts (see www.stank free america.com) shall be an infraction. :D

38) Ted Nugent and Ozzi Osborn: Banned from the planet! :D

39) Automobile horns: Automobile horns are prohibeted from use. Use handsignals to communicate to pedestrians as you run them over. Honking in tunnels is punishible by immediate placement in a mental hospital. (Why do they honk?) :D

39) Computer keyboards: Turn off the click feature. :D

40) Loud birds: Snuff out any annoyingly loud bird as soon as possible. If the bird is part of an endangered species, finish the job; silence is golden. :D

FYI: Noise Free America is located in Davis, California (12 miles from Sacramento, the state capitol).

Honk and wave when you drive by! :D :D :D;)

What about people who like to hear jake braking? Maybe we should have laws to make vehicles louder.

They list some "noises" on the site, and one really stuck out to me: sports stadium PA systems. Do these people expect to go to a football game and not have an announcer? W.T.F.

Here is a small part of their list of "noises"

Sleep Disturbances

1. early morning garbage collection

2. early morning deliveries

3. early morning construction

4. early morning lawn mowing

Why don't they list "early morning bird chirping"

I just felt I had to gripe about this.

One little pop of the ear drum with an ice pick and all their troubles will disappear.... :)

Bonzai :D

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