Electrex G440 Stator

What is it for, and what is it worth?

I would imagine that it is for more electrical electrical system watts. If you want more watts you can do it a whole lot cheaper yourself. Maybe not quite as many watts, but a lot more than the stocker. There have been several write ups here.

An Electrex G440 Stator is a Stator that is made by an English firm of the same name.They are located somewhere around Oxford in the UK(England).They even have a website so Google Electrex and you will discover it.The G440 is a Stator that covers a large range of the older XR5's/6's.Whether it gives more power like the Ricky jobs I don't know,think it's just a standard job myself.It is pretty expensive to get it from the UK to anywhere so if you see one I'd snap it up.

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