I'm for quiter pipes but this is ridiculous!!

What a great idea. I think anyone supportin this should be chased down Grapevine in their battery powered car by a 18 wheeler with overheated brakes and no jake. Might be a reality check.


That is just downright rediculous. Enough said. :):D

Hey Eli,

What you shouting for? :)

The noise free people will be around to impound your post, and the owners of TT will face a hefty fine, have the server confiscated and then what will we all do...? :D


Man you guys in the states have to put up with quite a few freaks.... That`s absurd. Obviously these type of laws wouldn`t really work unless you STOP LIVING !!

Those people that would like America to be like that should buy a 10 000 acre land.... with no neighbours... that should do the trick....

There's no point in sending kooks like this email. They are totally convinced their's is the shining path and no amount of logic will disuade them. There are already noise laws and they can't seem to enforce them. This folks are, happily, wasting much time and effort.

My dog doesn't bark but he does BITE :):D :D

OK,here is what's going on. These kooks didn't make it to the spaceship before it left the forest, and now when they "phone home" they simply can't hear themselfs talk. So lets help them out and put them up in a million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, and make sure they catch the next comet outta here. :):D :D

'Boom Cars'???? Okie dokie...

If I had 10,000 acres I'd have a BIG track on it and make lots of noise! :)

These crackpots are insane! I'm too incensed to rant!


Interesting! Noise Czar? These guys and/or girls are closet case Communists. There ideals are all controled by a task force deemed imperical and monitored by the Government. Who in their right mind wouldwant more Gov?...oh yeah,Communism. Most of their ideas are unsubstantiated hopes and wishes more than a viable reality.

Not even the most left wing individual (in power) would permit this, or should I say, would not try to pass this if they enjoy their position. They may get their wish on a few,unless Ca gets ridof Gray Davis, but for hte most part, these cats are just deluded idealists, who have put their leg behind their head one too many times at yoga,and have suffered a mild stroke.

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