I'm for quiter pipes but this is ridiculous!!

im with you on this one....thats takin things a little toooooooooo far.

These guys have lost their minds. The natural world is not a library with everything a whisper. I am going to email them and I ask that we all do the same. A strong letter to my congressman will be sent too. We have to show some spine or loose everything.

Mad Bill :)

I wouldn't get too worried about it. Looks like a front to get $25 donations for nothing. C'mon - quieting police and fire truck sirens? Backup safety beepers? They're just trying to con innocent and well meaning (albeit dumb) people out of their money. It will never gain momentum.



what a bunch of crap! I couldn't even read the whole stupid thing! what a bunch of friggin idiots! its people like that who ruin everything for the rest of us. I mean, come on, no barking dogs? That's a natural thing for a dog! What's next, the "2 inch voice" from elementary school? RIDICULOUS!!!

Shhhhhh, were talking to loud.

all I can say is what a bunch of IDIOTS( oops sorry i was too loud)

These idiots I have seen in Hollister, I saw them at a rally two years ago with some stupid signs about noise. They actually had ear muffs on and stood there looking like the misfits they are.

One thing is for sure This is the mind set of the extremist that is forcing the db laws now...


They missed a few other noise makers - like babies crying, kids laughing, and sporting events like my kids soccer games. These guys need to be dragged out to the woods

I can fire up my new D&D in front of their headquarters if you like? I think even with their earplugs in they could hear it. :)

Oop's, lets not forget shotguns, rifles, handguns, and the like. New momentum for the anti-gun, anti-hunting freaks. ANYTIME liberal whacko's like this start creating legislative agendas they may be for real. Read your local newspapers for state legislative agendas and keep your eyes and ears OPEN. They probably DON'T have a chance, but do you really want them to get foot in the door?

I fired one off asking if a fart in their face was a bit too loud for them. :) Brraaaappp!

Here's mine........

I for one am very concerned with all the noise on this here planet. All those swooshing trees, the loud racket of water crashing over falls,and all them damn birds waking me up early in the morning.......it's just too much. All these things think that this planet belongs to them, and them only, how hipocritical, right! Please, let me know what I can do to help. I've got a shot gun, so the birds shouldn't be much of a disturbance once I get to them. But I just don't know what to do about the trees and water falls...........please advise.

Joe Concerned

I wonder, if they're wondering why they all of a sudden, are getting a bunch of e-mails :D.........


Dodger :):D

Dont forget the puking sound of those late night parties at the local frat house on Campus where they go to school

Or Screamin Jane :) Know what I mean

or the screach of a two cats in the middle of the night.

How bout them hummingbirds

Woooooosh Hummmmmmmm

man that just aint right :D

oh and dont forget to add public urinals all that flushing and woooshing drives me crazy

audible from 10 feet huh?

so i guess when when a coyote howls it's gonna have to be put down, when an airliner takes off it's gonna be shot down, when a police siren sounds it's gonna get the E.M.P gun or something? of course not, those are all natural things, but to hear a dirt bike from over 10 feet, oh my feet, well that's gonna detroy this beautiful little planet we live on now isn't it, we just can't have that.

you wonder why so many people are againt the political government.

The rep from Colorado is from Boulder...Go figure :D Maybe we should impose fines on others people's children that agitate dogs so they bark.

That site is commedy at it's best!! :D Check out the noise free America action plan. :D:)

When you look at it, the real problem is not

the noises that are really unavoidable (airplanes, higway traffic,

construction work), but the selfish expression of individuals who simply

have no regard for the fact that they are inflicting auditory assault on

innocent people.

It's pretty clear that the assualt is not on noise per se. Obviously, individual expression (at least to the extent it is deemed to be selfish in their eyes) is the real target.

Interesting that this individual plainly views nuisances from commercial activites as "unavoidable". Hmmm... if that is not fatalistic than I don't know what is.

How incredible the level of detail someone would go to in describing their intolerance of others. People like this have only enemies. How sad. :)

I'm not sure where most of these areas are that you guys are living in, but you may not really appreciate peace and quiet until you have had it taken away from you on a regular basis.

I don't want to go overboard, but there are a few things that need to be quieted down.

What bothers me the most is the fact that someone can ride an open-pipe Harley through a small downtown area, yet when I drive out to the middle of no-where to race my road bike or ride my dirtbike I get sound checked.


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